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Ian Has a Sixth Sense To Perceive The Unseen…

He had no knowledge of me beforehand! I was flabbergasted as he described in detail the health issues I had been struggling with, I felt at peace just talking to him – amazing guy

Ian Broadmore
Ian Broadmore PSYCHIC

Ian offers Intuitive Visionary Insights with over forty years experience.

Here’s the thing…There are plenty of people that do what I do. There’s no avoiding that. But only I can do what I do, in exactly the way I do it and that makes me unique”


Thank you for visiting my website, you are truly welcome. We all seek calmness and serenity in our lives and every person has unique needs.

Always be Self-Responsible

Always know that you have a choice – in all things

Always treat every living thing in the way that you want to be treated yourself.

Though my connection with Spirit I hope to bring you Peace, Calmness and Hope

Ian Broadmore

Thank You For Dropping By…

Something troubles you and you need my help, you have searched through the Internet looking for guidance and help and found me, it is not by chance you have landed here, you were supposed to, as everything is connected through a subtle web of energy,we are drawn to those than can help us through the energy matrix that connects all things. Carl Jung called this “Synchronicity”