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He had no knowledge of me beforehand! I was flabbergasted as he described in detail the health issues I had been struggling with, I felt at peace just talking to him – amazing guy

Ian Broadmore D.Hyp- Psy, SQHP, MIAH
Ian Broadmore D.Hyp- Psy, SQHP, MIAHPsychic

Ian is a modern day Mystic offering Clairvoyant Visionary Insights and Healing with over forty years experience. Consultations with Ian at his Kent home last 30 to 60 minutes. It is strictly by appointment only through the contact page of this website, Ian provides Visionary Insight connecting with the world of energy

Here’s the thing…There are plenty of people that do what I do. There’s no avoiding that. But only I can do what I do, in exactly the way I do it and that makes me unique”


I Have Been Expecting You…

Something troubles you and you need my help, you have searched through the Internet and found me, it is not by chance you have landed here, you were supposed to. As everything is connected through a subtle web of energy,we are drawn to those than can help us through the energy matrix that connects all things.

Let me say to you now there is nothing to worry about, what will be will be as your life unfolds.

I can help throw light on the hidden, for where there is darkness there is light and where there is light there is darkness.

 I totally believe in integrity and discretion during a private consultation and it remains totally confidential between ourselves. My reputation as a Psychic Visionary, has been built on a no nonsense approach and three simple words TRUTH – TRUST – INTEGRITY

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