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31 03, 2014

Free Psychic Readings

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Free psychic readings, there are endless sites on the internet offering free psychic readings and free tarot readings but are they any good?

Sadly not, in 99.9% of cases the free psychic reading invites you to click on a website then uses a piece of software called an automated script that delivers your free reading.

Are […]

14 03, 2014

UPDATE- Shop Working

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The Online shop is now working and you can purchase your reading online 18/03/14

I am currently updating the website and the online shop is not working.  If you wish to make a booking do so as follows:
1. Go to bookings page select date and time to confirm.
2. You will then receive an email from […]

2 03, 2014

Book A Psychic Reading

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Book a psychic reading with Ian

I am away from Monday 3rd March earliest date to Book a Psychic Reading with me by Skype or in Person will be Monday 10th March, but you need to book online through my online booking system to be sure of a time and date

Best Regards


23 02, 2014


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Psychometry is the art of divining information “psychomotrising” about people, places or events by holding an object or touching an object associated with the person or place.

Medium Hester Dowden described it as “”a psychic power possessed by certain individuals which enables them to divine the history of, or events connected with, a material object […]

17 02, 2014

Same Day Psychic Reading

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Same day Psychic Reading

Now available online by Skype book a 30 minute, 45 minute reading

16 01, 2014

Why Cant A Psychic Read For Me

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Why Cant A Psychic Read For Me?

There are several reasons a medium or psychic may refuse or be unable to do a reading for you. Sometimes the energy just is not right and the psychic will intuitively pick this up and may refuse to give the reading or be unable to. Its nothing personal […]

16 01, 2014

What Can A Medium Do

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What Can a Medium Do

Despite what you may have been lead to believe we do not see spirit 24/7!
I live my day to day life the same as you. When I go about my daily business I shut my Psychic side down because If I didn’t I would probably end up insane as I […]

13 01, 2014

What is God like

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What is God like

I had some profound insights during a meditation from my spirit guide into the nature of reality and what we term ”God” and reality is.

God is mind/consciousness/energy, when the Bible says we are made in the image of God we have taken it literally, I believe it means on an emotional/thinking level our emotional thinking level is God. That’s why […]

3 01, 2014

Spirit Everywhere

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Spirit everywhere, everything we are is spirit, everything in the physical world has an underlying spiritual cause
19 12, 2013

Psychic Fairs South East

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Psychic fairs South East

I am looking to attend a few Psychic Fairs in the South East, Kent, Essex, Surrey, London, Sussex next year giving Tarot and Clairvoyance readings and demonstrations. If you run or organise Psychic fairs please contact me with details through my contact page.