The Power Of Compassion

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I went away the weekend for a little "me" time to Richmond Upon Thames and stayed at a lovely hotel with a spa. What I witnessed will haunt me forever. I went into the spa, first the steam room, then the Sauna. As I entered [...]

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What Happens When We Die?

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When we die, what you NEED to know. The God you have been led to believe is God for thousands of years is not. THE GOD of this world is a false God who holds your soul in an invisible prison. THIS FALSE GOD IS [...]

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What Is Trance Mediumship?

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What is Trance Mediumship? Interested in learning Trance mediumship, Trance Healing? What is Trance? is it safe? Exploring different realms,meet your guardian safely. 121 tuition or small groups workshop with Ian Broadmore D.Hyp-PSY, SQHP, MIAH former Harley Street Hypnotherapist. Learn to access trance safely and [...]

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Waiting For The World To Change

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Waiting For The World To Change No More Brother Against Brother No More Nation Against Nation No More Man Against Creation No More War Peace, Love, Balance, Unity Live In Harmony as ONE HUMANITY      

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DNA upgrade

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DNA Upgrade Many people in the UK and the world are at the moment experiencing mild to severe flu like symptoms that no medicines seem to help. If you have been suffering from extreme tiredness, forgetfulness and short term memory loss, aching lower back , [...]

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