23rd Psalm

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23rd Psalm The 23rd Psalm, "The Lord is My Shepherd I shall Not Want" Is the best known Psalm of the old Testament. The writer describes God as his shepherd. The theme of this poem casts God in the role of protector and provider, and is routinely [...]

The Magus of Java

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I highly recommend this book if you are interested in healing or our innate abilities.  The Magus of Java tells the story of John Chang an amazing Healer and master of chi energy. In 1988 a documentary called "Ring of Fire" had a startling sequence [...]

The Power Of Compassion

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I went away the weekend for a little "me" time to Richmond Upon Thames and stayed at a lovely hotel with a spa. What I witnessed will haunt me forever. I went into the spa, first the steam room, then the Sauna. As I entered [...]

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What Happens When We Die?

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When we die, what you NEED to know. The God you have been led to believe is God for thousands of years is not. THE GOD of this world is a false God who holds your soul in an invisible prison. THIS FALSE GOD IS [...]

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Waiting For The World To Change

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Waiting For The World To Change No More Brother Against Brother No More Nation Against Nation No More Man Against Creation No More War Peace, Love, Balance, Unity Live In Harmony as ONE HUMANITY      

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Karma What goes around comes around, is an Eastern philosophy that believes there is an unwritten law of the universe that what you give out you get back, harm another and you will be harmed, do an act of kindness and it will be [...]

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God Ate My Sandwich – The Way of The Heart

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Nice Review ; "Makes You Think - A great book and should be read by anyone and everyone if they want to seek more about life. Do read it" (Amazon Customer) This book will make you happier emotionally, spiritually, and creatively. Reading it and applying [...]

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Initiation into The Knights Templar

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A True account of initiation into The Knights of the Temple at Chartres Cathedral by An initiate.. Initiation conjures up many wonderful images for the spiritual seeker and mystic on the path to self realisation, but what is initiation in a centuries old mystery school [...]

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Navigating The Spiritual Minefield

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There is a great article here on Spiritual Discernment ‘There is so much spiritual information floating around of varying quality, and for people who are just starting to awaken and connect with the spiritual aspects of life, it can be a challenge to discern the [...]

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SUPERSTITION - the false power of "belief" I had (past tense) this friend that lived in Hastings that was into the Occult, Mysticism and Esotericism. He called me one day sounding very scared saying someone had sent him something through the post, a "warning" He [...]

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