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2018 Psychic Predictions

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2018 Psychic Predictions Predicting future events has been around since biblical times if not earlier, from Elija the prophet, to Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce all these seers and prophets have glimpsed into the mists of time and made predictions. Many heads of state, [...]

2018 Tarot Reading

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2018 Tarot Reading - Psychic Readings what does your future hold? Book a Tarot Reading, Psychic Reading or Horoscope for 2018. Learn about upcoming opportunities, get insight on possible obstacles or threats, discover hidden information about your love life, relationships, career, finances, and health. Have [...]

Psychic Readings

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Psychic Readings What are "Psychic Readings?" The term Psychic is often misunderstood and conjures up images of some weird or wacky person wearing outlandish clothes, very theatrical in their manner sprouting pseudo scientific garbage. Modern day Psychics are in most cases quite normal people [...]

What Happens During a Psychic Reading

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What Happens During a Psychic Reading It begins even before the reading, I sit and meditate for 30 minutes so I am in a relaxed state of mind, often I will ask a simple question such as "what does x need to know" and [...]

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How Does Mediumship Work?

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In this informative but controversial video, Psychic Medium Ian Broadmore explains How Mediumship Works and what it is to be a medium. Demolishing a few myths in the progress Ian discuss why mediums speak in funny voices, differences between a Psychic and Medium, trance mediumship, [...]

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Fake Mediums

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Fake Mediums Bonus Chapter Just Added- Physical Mediumship exposes the tricks and methods of the Physical Mediums working today and Issues a challenge! My new Amazon Kindle book is now available to purchase online here ; Elephant in the room" or "Elephant in [...]

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Genuine Psychic Reading

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Genuine Psychic Reading What a GENUINE Reading Should Deliver: 1.No Ambiguity 2.Exact Names 3.Precise Details of their passing 4.Precise details of what they looked like in life, how they dressed, their personality traits and personal traits i.e. walked with a limp or stuttered 5.What their [...]

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