Do Angels Walk Among Us

//Do Angels Walk Among Us

Do Angels Walk Among Us

Angels have fascinated mankind for thousands of years and feature in many cultures. Do Angels walk amongst us in the present day or are they just myth and fantasy?

During my work as a Psychic Medium I have come across many instances of unexplained phenomena and the presence of Angels!. Perhaps the most famous story of Angels is The Angels of Mons, about a group of Angels that supposedly protected members of the British Army at the battle of Mons at the outset of WW1.

On 24th April 1915 a report was published in the Spiritualist magazine telling of visions of a supernatural force that intervened to help the British at a decisive point in the battle. This resulted in a flurry of similar accounts a bit like chinese whispers and wild rumours. The descriptions of the Angels varied from it being medieval longbow archers alongside St George to an unexplained luminous cloud, although eventually the Angel myth became the most popular story.

According to the Jewish mystical Kabalah, there are four worlds and our world is the last world: the world of action (Assiyah). Angels exist in the worlds above as a ‘task’ of God. They are an extension of God to produce effects in this world. After an angel has completed its task, it ceases to exist. The angel is in effect the task. This is derived from the book of Genesis when Abraham meets with three angels and Lot meets with two. The task of one of the angels was to inform Abraham of his coming child. The other two were to save Lot and to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.

According to the Golden Dawn‘s interpretation of the Kabbalah, there are ten archangels, each commanding one of the choirs of angels and corresponding to one of the Sephirot. It is similar to the Jewish angelic hierarchy.


Rank Choir of Angels Translation Archangel Sephirah
1 Hayot Ha Kodesh Holy Living Ones Metatron Keter
2 Ophanim Wheels Raziel Chokmah
3 Erelim Brave ones[3] Tzaphkiel Binah
4 Hashmallim Glowing ones, Amber ones[4] Tzadkiel Chesed
5 Seraphim Burning Ones Khamael Gevurah
6 Malakim Messengers, angels Raphael Tipheret
7 Elohim Godly Beings Haniel Netzach
8 Bene Elohim Sons of Elohim Michael Hod
9 Cherubim [5] Gabriel Yesod
10 Ishim Men (man-like beings, phonetically similar to “fires”) Sandalphon Malkuth


But what of Angels walking among us today?
History is full of wonderful myth and legend but do Angels actually exist or are they just wishful thinking in troubled times?

From research it suggests they do exist and are seen frequently in times of trouble. Throughout history people have reported encounters with Angels, these reports come from every culture and every corner of the earth.

A Dying Man Is Helped By Angels

Bruce Van Natta was crushed when a truck weighing thousands of pounds fell down on him. The injuries he suffered and the pain he experienced were to horrific for words. He only had moments to live as the life sapped out of him, he knew he was dying.

Then Bruce cried out to God ” Lord Please Help Me” at that very same moment all his pain disappeared and he was filled with a wonderful but inexplicable feeling of peace. He suddenly felt himself leave his physical body and felt himself floating over and looking down onto his truck, seeing his physical body crushed beneath it.

But, what he also so was two luminous beings on both sides of his lifeless body holding there hands on his body!

Two Angels were keeping Bruces body alive!

Later when Bruce was in hospital the doctors told him that there was no way he should be alive due to the injuries he suffered. But he miraculously recovered and now tells people all over the world how Angels saved him.

There are many more stories of miraculous interventions on the www, here are two stories I have first hand experience of :

Several years ago I sat in a Spiritualist development circle in Maidstone, the circle leader, Matt was in his 80s and told us a story of how many years ago he was visiting london and went into a bank, as he was about to go in a complete stranger bumped into him and suggested that he crossed the road for a chat, intrigued Matt agreed to follow the stranger. As he got to the other side of the road there was a loud crash and explosion as two vehicles collided and went into the bank, exactly at the spot Matt was standing. He turned to speak to the stranger who was nowhere to be seen, he had literally vanished into thin air, Matt was convinced to this day it was a guardian Angel in human form.

My own Angel experience is elsewhere on the site, but here it is exactly as it happened;

As a Virgo I am naturally analytical and analyse every spiritual and mystical experience I have had to eliminate self-delusion, ego or other natural explanations. Naturally cynical I tend to be “I will believe it when I see it type”

I have been on an intense, difficult journey for the past twenty plus years where I have experienced much hardship and many obstacles in my path both financially and personal. I realise these were necessary for my soul growth and learning. Inexplicably I have found myself slowly being pushed back into healing and the Holy Kabbalah,  a path from which I once was walking but deviated off.

I am not crazy, or mad or suffering from any delusions of grandeur but on Monday 8th April at exactly 3 am in the Morning for exactly one hour I experienced something that I guess in this modern age can be regarded as a miracle although the skeptics will as always scoff it was my imagination.

My consciousness was flooded with thoughts impressions, words, colours, symbols from an energy source that identified itself as the Holy Archangel Metatron. The feeling was so intense I liken it to being plugged into a computer and having a download of information into the brain. When it stopped at precisely 4am on the dot, I could feel an intense energy and pulling in my solar plexus area. My brain was buzzing and I could not sleep afterwards as I had so much information flooding my thoughts.

I was writing it all down so fast it was as though my hand was being controlled by some invisible force. I was “shown” healing techniques using the Holy Kabbalah (of which I have some considerable knowledge as it was a big feature of my life for a number of years) with combinations of colours and sounds, a symbol that opens the higher Chakras to receive divine healing both individually and planetary, Man’s body being created  through sound, colour and vibration.

I was shown how God spoke and created everything with pure thought and intention, which is divine energy. I was told I would teach the world and heal and be guided and in turn the other healers I have taught will teach and heal others “En masse” thereby healing humanity and the world bringing it back to balance and harmony, and much more that I am still meditating on.

It sounds crazy! But I swear as God is my witness what I am sharing with you is exactly what happened, I have no other rational explanation and believe me I have thought about it deeply. I for one KNOW Angels exist and walk among us.

After these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven, having great authority, and the earth was illumined with his glory.’ (Revelation 18:1)

Angels are not God. Angels are servants of God. Don’t look for them. Look for God.




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