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Healing Depression is it possible? I believe except in a handful of cases where there is a medical reason behind it such as Bi-Polar that you can Heal Depression. That’s a pretty bold statement but one I speak of first hand as I too have suffered the black dog of depression like you. A decade ago I went through a very stressful, troubling time full of high anxiety as my world collapsed around me. “What the fucking point” I asked myself as I stared into the darkness of the abyss with feelings of hopelessness, lonyness, low self esteem and pondering the very point of life.

But, low and behold I picked myself up, I worked on my own emotional well being, my mental health and my physical health and I changed. I conquered my dark days, although I would by lying If I said I didn’t still get them, occasionally they resurface popping their ugly head up just to let me know they are there, but now I cope. I am in control.

I don’t believe we are born depressed, depression often comes about through lifes circumstances, a divorce, bereavement, losing your house or business, a relationship breakdown. Many factors can have a bearing on your stress levels, your mental health and your wellbeing. Depression can be dealt with and you can do it without being drugged up, this just masks your inner pain treating the symptoms not the root cause. My years of experience working as a Psychotherapist/Counsellor/Hypnotherapist has given me tools for transformation. I helped myself, I helped other healing depression and I can probably help you. Its worth a shot isn’t it? Give me a call and get back on the path of health and healing.