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Breathing correctly is a vital function of the human body because it is our breath which contains hidden elements in it, yet undiscovered by science that gives us our vitality and life force.
I quote an excerpt from Renee-Pascale Provost, entitled “Healing in the New Age”, which states that everyone should learn how to breathe properly so as to receive the maximum vitality from the air.

Lavoisier, an 18th century French chemist and member of the academy of sciences, was recognised as one of the great thinkers of his time. In 1789, in one of his first treatises, he said: “Breathing is a slow combustion similar to that which takes place in an oil lamp or in a candle.” He added: “It is the function thanks to which an organism receives the oxygen of the air necessary for this combustion and expels its toxic products, carbon dioxide among them”.

Of all the functions which ensure the life of a living physical organism, breathing is the most constant. During sleep the nervous system is inactive, the digestive tract barely functions or not at all. Man can live several days without eating and, with specific training; he may succeed in sleeping very little. But he cannot generally remain more than five minutes without breathing and we know that no life is possible without respiratory exchanges.

Nowadays, man is caught up in a false system, that of the hectic and complicated life he has created. Nethertheless, we now witness increased awareness as to this basic need for breathing. There are more and more movements and schools with therapeutic goals. But all the methods used are not yet quite clear or necessarily beneficial for the human being. It is indispensable to distinguish what is good from what is not. Of all the functions of the human organism, the respiratory function is therefore the one which must be given priority in order to understand that bad ventilation of the respiratory apparatus entails self-intoxication and is the cause of many health problems. We must therefore learn how to breathe so as to increase the resistance of the organism and have good strength available.

Renee-Pascale Provost
Healing In The New Age

Following on here is a quote from RAMACHARKA author of THE HINDU-YOGI SCIENCE OF BREATH.
Although he uses the oriental term of Prana he is alluding to the mystical element contained in breath called life force.

Not only is man dependant upon breath for life but he is largely dependent upon correct habits of breathing for continued vitality and freedom from disease. An intelligent control of our breathing power will lengthen our days upon earth by giving us increased vitality and powers of resistance, and, on the other hand, unintelligent and careless breathing will tend to shorten our days by decreasing our vitality and laying us open to disease.

Prana is the name by which we designate a universal principle, which principle is the essence of all motion, force or energy, whether manifested in gravitation, electricity, the revolution of the planets and all forms of life, from the highest to the lowest. It may be called the soul of Force and Energy in all their forms and that principle which, operating in a certain way causes that form of activity which accompanies life.

This great principle is in all forms of matter and yet it is not matter. It is in the air but it is neither the air nor one of its chemical constituents. Animal and plant life breathe it in with the air and yet if the air contained it not, they would die even though they might be filled with air. It is taken up by the system along with the oxygen and yet is not the oxygen. The Hebrew writer of the book of Genesis knew the difference between the atmospheric air and the mysterious and potent principle contained within it. He speaks of neshemet ruach chayim, which translated means “the breath of the spirit of life”. In Hebrew, neshemet means the ordinary breath of atmospheric air and chayim means life or lives, while the word ruach means the spirit of life, which mystics claim is the same principle which we speak of as Prana.

The Yogis know that by certain forms of breathing they establish certain relations with the supply of Prana and may draw on the same for what they require. Not only do they strengthen all parts of their body in this way but the brain itself may receive increased energy from the same source and latent faculties be developed and psychic powers attained. One who has mastered the science of storing away Prana, either consciously or unconsciously, often radiates vitality and strength which is felt by those coming in contact with him and such a person may impart this strength to others and give them increased vitality and health. What is called “magnetic-healing” is performed in this way, although many practitioners are not aware of the source of their power.