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Holistic Healing

Mind Body Connection

I am a firm believer following years of research that the Mind/Body connection is stronger than we believe. All disease is a manifestation of “dis-ease”. Every living creature is made up of energy in a raw state, this energy is magnetic in nature and vibrates at different frequencies. When this energy field becomes blocked or disturbed it manifests through the human organism as illness in some form. With the plethora of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Radio Waves, Radiation and electronic pollution is it any wonder our bodies natural defences are weakened?

Good Health

Good Health begins with a balanced, healthy lifestyle, if you abuse your body through over drinking, smoking, stress, anxiety, junk food etc long term you will not feel so great. The onset of health issues often begins with general fatigue and tiredness, but not all illness is due to lifestyle. Your family may have a series of health problems that may be genetically inherited.

Traditional Medicine V Complementary Therapy

If you are ill in the first instance you should always consult a Dr or Physician. Science is beginning to understand (slowly) the mind – body connection but there are other factors yet to be discovered. You should always visit your GP and continue taking any prescriptions. Healing can assist in your full recovery by giving you strength, boosting your immune system, and giving you a positive attitude.

Energy Healing or Spiritual Healing has been carried out by Healers for hundreds if not thousands of years both in the Church and outside of it. Faith or belief in a particular God is not a block as healing benefits everyone. The healing I can direct at you can benefit you even f you are healthy as it speeds up the body’s natural healing processes with the increase in energy.