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Over the years I have attended many home circles as an interested guest and met some interesting people. A decade ago I lived in Hastings and applied to a small advert in the local paper to go to a small home circle near Eastbourne.

I went along on the appointed night and was greeted by a mature lady called “Queenie”, there were about half a dozen of us in total, all women bar myself and Queenies Husband. There was also another gentleman in attendance who was there as a guest medium giving one to one readings later in the evening.

Queenies husband chatted to me briefly, commenting upon the fact he thought it was all “rubbish” before we were ushered into a small room. Queenie held centre court and instructed us all to hold hands as we sat around her table I was immediately to her left.

As far as I recall most of the other sitters had come out of curiosity looking for a message or something and I was the only one who had a degree of experience in Psychic matters. Queenie began to breathe heavily in deep breaths then moaning (at one point I thought she was having an orgasm as it was so intense!)

Then she spoke “Is anyone there?” …there was silence, more heavy breathing, then she started rocking backwards and forwards slowly. Suddenly she shot up, eyes open making most of the group jump with the sudden movement and gasp of “did you feel that?”

“Feel what?” I asked, “Did you feel the energy” “No” I replied, she went quiet and glanced me an evil look. She drew in a deep breath, clenched heh teeth “well you must have felt the draft of air” she said. “Nope” I replied.

I looked around the room and noticed something interesting, you could tell by the expressions on the guests faces that they were in awe of this woman, they looked bewildered and slightly scared. A lady to the right looked at me nervously as Queenie asked her “Did you feel it?” “Yes” she whimpered

And my friends that is an example of suggestion to you in a home circle. You get a strong personality and a group of people looking for something, it takes a few words, a bit of theatrics and their hooked. Bizarrely even though they know in their hearts its rubbish they will comply so as not to upset the leader or be singled out in the group, I have seen this literally hundreds of times even in Spiritualist Churches.

At this point we broke for tea and the guest medium was introduced. For £25 you could have a private sitting with him in a side room. I got chatting to one of the lady’s and asked if she would mind if I came in with her, I asked the medium and both were happy so I went in with them.

The medium had a piece of drawing paper on the table and commenced to draw what looked like a game of snakes and ladders. The lady looked on in puzzlement (as did I) suddenly he closed his eyes and scribbled a drawing onto the “snake” on the piece of paper. “This is you” he said to the lady.

Closing his eyes he furiously scribbled again. “This is the Police” he said, “I see you being involved with the Police” The lady looked puzzled. After a short pause, noooo she said. “Oh yes, oh yes, I’m picking it up, if not now it will happen, in the future, trust me” He said.

Anyway this drivel, for this is what it was went on for 30 minutes before he stopped and the next lady came in. We left the room and I asked her what she thought of the “reading” “Well I’m not sure she said, none of it made sense” I replied “Its bullshit” “Do you think so?” She replied. Honestly! Do I think so! A fool and his money are easily parted.

In all the medium gave 4 readings at £25 each not bad for a couple of hours work. It turned out he lived in Bexhill so I offered to give him a lift back as he had come by train and it was on my way. We chatted in the car and he was likeable enough.

“How long of you been able to do this?” I asked “Oh since I was sixteen and the Archangel Michael appeared at the foot of my bed” He replied in all seriousness. I was stuck for words, dropped him off, and went home to bed with a sense of bemusement on my face.