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Ian Broadmore is a Clairvoyant Medium andl lives in the market town of Faversham, Kent which is situated 10 minutes from the M2 and a fifteen minute walk from the train station. Trains from London victoria are 1.15minutes.

My interest into Spiritualism & Mediumship started many years ago when I was 16 years old and came across a book by the great Physical Medium Daniel Douglas Hume. Over the years I have read and studied hundreds of books on Spiritualism & Mysticism which set me upon my path as a developing Medium.

I have sat in many circles over the years both in private homes and Churches to develop my spiritual gifts of Clairvoyance and Mediumship. I am currently developing Trance Mediumship with my Spirit guides.

I watched a TV documentary recently on the “supernatural” which focused on healers, psychics, mediums and clairvoyants. I had a vested interest in that I am one of those odd people that has a gift unexplained by science (so far) Anyway, I despaired at the naive gullibility of some people. It reminded me of my own search and visiting numerous home séances and circles as a guest that were led by a strong personality.

I shake my head in sadness, in astonishment and in shame at the blatant manipulation of people’s emotions, preying on their hopes and fears by those that believe they communicate with the dead when they clearly are self-deluded.

Harry Houdini the famous magician and escapologist like his friend Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had a strong interest in spiritualism and mediumship. This was on a personal level for Houdini due to his mother’s death he was outraged at vulnerable people being lied to and manipulated by unscrupulous mediums in darkened séance rooms. He made it his life’s work to expose them for what they are – Frauds of the lowest Kind

I have witnessed this fraud and self-delusion (more later) first hand in churches, circles and demonstrations and its time something was said about the appalling standard of mediumship that is presented to a gullible public.

Those that do it and are aware should be ashamed, those that do it but are UNAWARE of the dangers they put themselves and others in I feel sorry for as “they do not know what they do”

True mediumship is a Holy Gift from God not to be abused and put on display in Pubs and clubs like a carnival sideshow. Mediumship involves a blend of energy between the spirit world and the energy of the Medium in the physical world. During a typical display of Mediumship I sit with my eyes closed so as not to be influenced by my surroundings or those around me, I feel the energy change as my doorkeeper spirit guide draws close and relay any thoughts, feelings, impressions being shown to me.