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Intuitive Energy Healing

I have been involved in self-improvement and personal development for over thirty five years now and studied many disciplines both from a Psychological approach and a Complementary & Holistic viewpoint. For  several years I had a renowned Hypnotherapy Clinic (The Abintra Clinic) at 10 Harley Street, London where I dealt with confidence,stress, and motivational issues.

During one of these sessions I felt intuitively compelled to tell my client that I was picking up problems with her lower back and kidneys. To my surprise she said she suffered back pain for a several years and had tried conventional and complementary medicine with no success.

I asked her permission to carry out energy healing on her and using my intuition held my hands a few inches above her back where the pain was situated. She reported a tingling sensation and said my hands felt very warm. As she got up to leave she remarked she was a Rosicrucian and that I should become a energy healer.

A few months later she got back in touch with me to confirm she no longer suffered back pain and her Doctor was amazed at her recovery after so many years and so much treatment.

I heard from her recently and she had this to say:

“Dear Ian, we met in 2006 – hence 11 years…..healing was very successful regarding my ongoing back problem at the time – it cleared within 2 days – it has never returned”

This first foray into intuitive energy healing was the catalyst that put me where I am today. After several synchronicities involving meeting strangers who were involved in healing to insightful dreams I began to merge Spiritual and Energy Healing into my Harley Street practice guided by my intuition with amazing results in Healing Mind, Body and Soul. I dealt with Psychological issues through Spiritual Counselling and Hypnotherapy and Spiritual and other ailments through intuitive energy healing and working with my clients Aura and energy field.

Today I no longer work in Harley Street but from my home in the picturesque market town of Faversham in Kent where I see clients for   Holistic Healing.

My journey has certainly been eventful and I learn something new every day, and for that I feel blessed. I love being on a  healing path and being of service to others in need. Healing can take many forms as I have discovered.

You can really help someone in need with even a few well chosen words , try it out you will be surprised at the results