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Mediums in the Bible

Many stories in the bible relate to what we now call Mediumship, spiritualism, channeling etc. When an angel speaks, when a man is healed, when a prophet prophesies, when a man has a vision, when a spirit appears, then you are reading about Spiritualism.

“When Prophets Spoke: Spiritualism in the Old Testament” by Rev G Maurice is a good reference. The book views events in the Old Testament through the lens of spiritualism, revealing that many of what seem to be outlandish stories actually become more understandable when examined with reference to mediumship, materializations and psychic experiences. For example, an angel speaking is merely clairaudience or, if seen, clairvoyance or, if heard by others, direct voice.

Here are a few other examples:

In a cave at Endor, a woman saw the spirit of Samuel who addressed the king at length (Saul), foretelling of his (and his sons) departure from physical life and their arrival in the Spiritual World “on the morrow”

In the Tabernacle-chambers, an unseen speaker 3 times called Samuel by name and conveyed a message through him to Eli

Eliaphaz the Temanite heard a voice of an unseen spiritual intelligence: “…spirit passed before my eyes…image…I heard a voice saying: ‘shall mortal men be more just than God’?” (Job 4:

Independent Spirit Voice Phenomena
Exodus chapter 19, verse 3
Matthew chapter 17, verse 5

And the list goes on, don’t take my word for it, look it up yourself. The thing is no one sat in a circle then, Jesus was a healer and a medium. When the bible was written and re-written by the council of Nicea they decided communication with spirits and spiritual energies was forbidden, why?

Because they realised it’s a gift we ALL have, our spiritual heritage, the ability to be one with and part of a spiritual universe. They wanted control of the masses through organised religion.

They did this by using fear to control, fear of damnation, they didn’t want man to know that his soul lives forever, there is no death, we can self-heal and commune with the Holy Spirit without them

We are all connected to God, we are all one energy, one consciousness, the universe is alive with spiritual energy and beings just like you and me. The difference being we are spiritual beings in a human body incarnated to experience living in a material world. When we pass over we shed the body much like a butterfly and transform into a spiritual being taking with us the lessons and experiences we have learnt on earth on to the next spiritual realm.

Through conditioning over the years we have forgotten who we are and what we are capable of, we have a greatness as yet unrealised, we are all sons and daughters of God, our spiritual heritage is in front of ours for “Those that have eyes to see”