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Mediumship in Pubs

Gordon? Jack? Jim? Johnnie? are the spirits with us tonight?…

Is it me or am I being pedantic? But displays of mediumship in Pubs! This is what it’s come to, a once noble art, Holy in nature has been abused, degenerated, diminished to its lowest denominator entertainment.

Can you imagine something considered Holy, revered, being held in a room over a Pub? The mediums out there that do this are doing a terrible disservice to Spiritualism, themselves, and their audience.

The public perception is its “cheap” entertainment, along with Pub Quizzes and Comedy Hypnosis nights is there any wonder it gets such bad press?

If the “mediums” concerned knew ANYTHING about the TRUE nature of spirit and spiritual entity’s they would KNOW that these sort of places attract negative entities and energy of the lowest form, Ignorance is bliss I guess.

But, hardly conductive of purity of spirit is I, and in my view a disservice to God.