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Mediumship in Spiritualist Churches

My interest in mediumship and Spiritualism has taken me too many Spiritualist churches over the years. When I lived in Hastings there were two local churches I used to visit to see the guest mediums. I remember a very jovial little fella from London that was an ex policeman I believe called Thomas that always attracted a full house because he was full of energy and quite entertaining in his demonstrations on the platform.

Several times he singled me out with a message that meant nothing but he assured me in time it would, well 30 years later I am still waiting for it to mean something. And here we go again, how many times have you been to a Spiritualist Church to witness a medium on the platform sprouting forth garbage? Quite a few I bet.

The standard is unbelievably bad I quote this from the website of the excellent medium Gordon Higginson;

There is, however, a danger that confronts the Spiritualist movement today, that individuals should attempt to divert the stream of pure inspiration into channels where it is not meant to flow.  The spirit in Spiritualism is being driven out and pure inspiration from the spirit world is being replaced with creeded ideas, and dogmatic beliefs.  Psychic phenomena and (so-called) spirit messages of a very low standard are being demonstrated from our platforms.”


The influx of new people into our movement who are merely anxious to witness unfamiliar phenomena is responsible for a considerable lowering of evidential standards in the last few years.  There is a tendency to sap mediumship to its dregs.  Mediumship is dependent on sensitiveness and should be protected equally from vampires within and persecutors without.

We must learn to tend and watch over our mediums, teaching them that their spiritual faculty is a sacred possession, which must be used in the service of God and the people of the world, remembering also that every labourer is worthy of his hire.

We need, badly need, more mediums, a higher standard of mediumship and inspired speakers. We need a good deal of pruning of the lower end of the scale.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself, we need to take heed