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Mediumship is an exciting new project coming 2017 of interest to all sincere spiritual mediums who work for spirit foremost, bringing love, compassion, and healing in their work, and acting as a bridge for the two worlds. Bringing proof of the afterlife by evidential messages to  those that seek genuine displays of Mediumship.

This page is a work “in progress” and will be updated on a regular basis so please check back often.

There is so much confusion in the world about the difference between Mediums & Psychics, what a Medium can and cannot do, what a Psychic cannot do that I have set up this world wide portal as a link with spirit between experienced Mediums and those seeking a connection with Spirit through a medium for healing, closure, love, compassion and proof that the soul lives on in the afterlife

Physical Mediums are by invite only following testimonials and agreement to being filmed with Infrared/Thermal or Low Lux cameras, or performing public séances in well lite rooms. Physical Mediums that work in total or near darkness, or produce “circus” type phenomena such as being squirted with water, producing cut glass trinkets from eyes or other bodily orifices, tenuous phenomena such as regurgitated ectoplasm, or matter through matter experiments are excluded on the basis they show no proof of the existence of the soul or loved ones appearing in the séance room.

Membership and Inclusion is open to experienced Mediums only who can abide by a set of select criteria.