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Past Life Healing

Hypnotherapy &  Holistic Wellbeing

Past Life Regression can help heal by discovering who you were, fulfilling your needs on all levels of being, emotionally, physically, spiritually, healing emotional conflict, giving you purpose, clearing the wood from the trees to give your clear vision, kick-starting your spiritual bodies with inner fulfillment and peace, inspiring, motivating and guiding you. Removing negative thought processes from you which cause blockages in the endocrine system leading to “Dis-Ease” and physical illness in the body. Emotional conflict such as pain, hurt, stress, negativity, anger, frustration can all be released in a typical healing session.

The Abintra Hypnotherapy Clinic Was originally established at 10 Harley Street in 2002 by Ian Broadmore D.Hyp-Psy, SQHP, MIAH and quickly became a leading Holistic Hypnotherapy clinic for clients seeking professional expert help for a variety of personal and wellbeing issues. During this time I discovered the benefits of using deep states of relaxation to “heal” past and present trauma with my clients.

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Faversham Kent

I am located in the Garden of England, Faversham, Kent five minutes from junction 6 of the M2 and a short fifteen minute walk from Faversham train station which has a high speed connection to London. Train times from central London via St Pancras (High speed) or Victoria are about one hour fifteen minutes.

When you visit me at my  Hypnotherapy clinic which is located in my home in Faversham, Kent we will work together to resolve any issues or problems you have that stop you leading a rich, rewarding, fulfilling life. I can help you with a wide range of issues including,  Confidence,  Anxiety,  Stress,  Phobias,  Panic attacks, Addictions,  Motivation, Abuse and for Insomnia. Every individual is unique and I do not believe in the “one size fits all” approach, to that end after an initial free consultation during which we discuss your wants and needs and how we will work together to address them in a holistic manner treating mind, body and soul in a safe, caring environment.

Healing The Past – Creating The Future
The number one priority of my practice is to add value to the lives of my clients.
My practice is based on excellence, and providing the highest level of service and professionalism at all times, transforming “I cant” into “I can. Confidentiality, integrity and discretion are assured, I am considered an expert in my find and bring about rapid, measureable change using the very latest tried and tested Hypnotherapy and personal development techniques”.
Abintra Hypnotherapy takes you from foresight to actuality ,reaching new heights of achievement.
Abintra Hypnotherapy uses Innovative methods and emotional technologies to bring about change.
Abintra Hypnotherapy will inspire you to new ways of thinking, new ways of doing things, new ways of seeing things.
Abintra Hypnotherapy are passionate about helping others to change, passion is the driver of change, without passion we are nothing.

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