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Physical Mediumship

Physical Mediumship

One of the most controversial aspects of mediumship and spiritualism is what is referred to as “Physical Mediumship” or “pm” for short. Nothing attracts more controversy than Physical Mediumship.

Traditionally pm has a medium secured to a chair in a cabinet that goes into a trance state and produces physical phenomena in the darkened séance room. Phenomena can be lights, a levitating trumpet with fluorescent bands attached, ping pong balls, a tambourine or other instrument, and a small table. The objects have fluorescent bands attached in order to be seen in the darkened séance room by the participants in the séance circle.

The form of mediumship has been subject to much controversy over the years due to the fact it was held in a darkened room where trickery was possible. Another aspect of this form of mediumship is the production of “ectoplasm” from the medium’s body which forms into hands, faces and even full body “apparitions” of the deceased.

Harry Houdini made it his later life’s work to expose fake séances and even published a book showing how to tilt tables, escape from ties and bounds, levitate trumpet’s and touch people’s heads in the darkened room even though he was securely bound to a chair and his hands and arms held and restrained by the other sitters.

The biggest issue with pm is that it is held in a dark room and therefore very easy to fake. Physical Mediums when challenged on this say spirit need this in order to manifest the phenomenon, attempts have been made with séances held in red light but it is still very dim for the onlooker. Many photographs have been taken over the years purporting to show ectoplasm flowing from a medium’s mouth which is obviously cheesecloth or Muslim, today’s p.m.’s have moved with the times and use the wispy fake spiders web you can buy for Halloween, often secreting it about themselves or in the cabinet or with a confederate and producing it (in dim light) at the appropriate time.

Another “Trick” the Pms use is having a confederate in the circle. All eyes are on the medium during the séance who may well be sitting in a chair and tied in with rope or cable ties, but unbeknown to the sitter’s one of them is a confederate and can quite easily move around the circle in darkness causing trumpets to levitate, splash water over people’s faces and touch heads. It’s not unknown for a water pistol to be smuggled into the circle on occasions.

Spirit lights that flash on and off and dance around the room can be faked by using a magician’s prop called a D’lite. This small device is designed to fit over the thumb, and looks like a thumb as it is flesh colored but contains with it a small led that can be made to flash on and off by squeezing thumb to forefinger. Magicians use a microfiber called invisible thread which is like a single strand of fibre from a pair of stockings. It is used by magicians to make objects levitate and cannot be seen even if you are only 2/3 feet away in daylight! Imagine what can be done in a darkened séance room.

I’ve read many séance reports where sitters have stated they sat in a circle and the mediums arms and feet were secured by holding hand with other sitters why phenomena occurred. Several years ago I attended a demonstration by the German Magician & Mind reader Satori in Essex where he showed how easily people are fooled. He sat at a table and asked for two volunteers to sit either side of him. They were instructed to hold his hands so he could not move and for the sake of the demonstration they were blindfolded so they could not see what was happening but the audience to much amusement could.

From the sitters point of view their heads were touched, they were splashed with water and other occurrences, they had no idea how Satori did it but the audience were shown that with a simple movement both sitters were in fact holding each other’s hands! Whilst Satoris hands were free to produce the phenomena! It’s that easy, imagine how much easier in a darkened séance room.

Everything about Physical Mediumship leaves a bad taste in the mouth, the excuses for darkened rooms being the biggest one. If Ghosts and spirits can appear in broad daylight throughout the world why do they need darkness in the Séance room? Why do they “spirits” insist on performing cheap party tricks like removing shirts without undoing buttons, or producing trinkets and babbles instead of helping humanity in these troubled times?

There are several Physical Mediums in the world currently doing the rounds in the UK, Europe and the states, allegedly producing phenomena such as ectoplasm, crystals from bodily orifices!, apports and full manifestations wearing a sheet!, why a sheet you may ask? why can’t they show their faces?

And I am not saying that Kai Muegge, Robin Foy or others are faking phenomena, what I am saying is they are being deceived themselves!

This was on a blog  by Dr Parisetti I came across recently: ”  More specifically, I cannot for the life of me understand how discarnate personalities capable of producing extraordinary physical effects should waste time – theirs, and ours, for a hundred a fifty years! – making tables levitate or trumpets flying around. My grieving patients – as well as my intellect – crave for meaningful, understandable evidence, and we mostly get impressive but meaningless manifestations. This troubles me, intensely.”

Recent developments include the alleged appearance of the infamous Aleister Crowley, self styled “wickedest man in the world” at the seances of the Felix Group in Germany, and a key helper of the famous Scole Group.

In a recent Facebook discussion pictures were published by PM Kai Muegge of the Felix group showing manifestations in the seance room, Robin Foy of the Scole group said: “We suspect ourselves that we also enjoyed the help of Aleister Crowley during the Scole Experiment to help develop our own phenomena then!!” When questioned by myself why there was no mention of it in his 547 page book “Witnessing the Impossible” Robin Replied: “Because all our Spirit Team used pseudonyms whilst working with us at Scole, and not ALL the true identities of members of the Scole Spirit Team were revealed. As you know, Aleister Crowley was somewhat controversial, but his talents were supreme in helping to get our Phenomena ‘off the ground’ initially”

In which case I ask the question “Why use a Pseudonym?”

Kai Muegge said: “Ours used pseudonyms as well! The question why is interesting and the reason given to us then didn t sound reasonable really, but we accepted (pseudos not revealed before the entitiy could establish a kind of fully satisfying contact. As soon as this was succesfully establushed the real (?) name was then given!”

The problem is the giants on whose shoulders we stand i.e Alan Kardek, Steiner and other great luminaries too numerous to list all warn of the nature of being deceived. If they use a pseudonym they are deceitful from the start and do not come with divine grace or will from God, Qlippoth are most likely! But what do I know after 40 years?… I fear gentleman you are being used and deceived, I see no holiness in these manifestations at all.

As Kardec said: “Do not believe the spirit to be who he purports to be unless there is evidence supporting his claim, but even then, wait until others confirm what one has said.

Do not judge the spirits by their purported names, but by the quality of the morals and the philosophy found in their communications.

Do not let yourself too entertained with the evocation or incorporation of spirits enough to disregard what is more important, like living your own life and helping your neighbour.

Do not live by the spirits’ advice: the communications from the spirits are to be studied and revered — but they should not be taken as the word-by-word expression of the ultimate truth.

Do not judge the quality of the communication by the culture or the social status of the medium by which it was brought.”

I feel we are getting caught up in the glamour and manifestations of the phenomena without looking closely at the true source God himself (or herself!) Point one Do Not Believe the Spirit to be who he purports to be is most relevant.

As Blavatsky rightly said: “Mediumship is the opposite of adeptship; the medium is the passive instrument of foreign influences, the adept actively controls himself and all inferior potencies. …
“The adepts of Eastern magic are uniformly in perfect mental and bodily health, and in fact the voluntary and independent production of phenomena is impossible to any others. We have known many, and never a sick man among them. The adept retains perfect consciousness; shows no change of bodily temperature, or other sign of morbidity; requires no “conditions,” but will do his feats anywhere and everywhere; and instead of being passive and in subjection to a foreign influence, rules the forces with iron will. But we have elsewhere shown that the medium and the adept are as opposed as the poles. We will only add here that the body, soul, and spirit of the adept are all conscious and working in harmony, and the body of the medium is an inert clod, and even his soul may be away in a dream while its habitation is occupied by another.” (Vol. 2, p. 588, 595-596)

Everything in the Bible, the so called word of God is based on light. Let there be light God said and there was light, Jesus appeared surrounded in light, Angels appear in blinding light, yet in the Séance room light is banned! I ask you it’s ridiculous to the extreme.

Then there is the belief factor, people want to believe what they see so much that all sense of caution, discernment and intelligence flies out of the window. For example look at the well documented case of Colin Fry caught standing on a chair waving a trumpet about when he was supposed to be securely tied in a chair! He gave some bullshit explanation about a mischievous spirit called Daniel being behind the fraud and people swallow it hook line and sinker – I rest my case.

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