Pole Shift

Pole Shift

Pole Shift

Is a Pole Shift happening now?

In a previous blog post I reported on Antarctica being a centre of interest for world leaders and did a remote viewing session to psychically see what is going on there, you can view the session on Youtube here.

Its quite apparent to everybody, no matter what part of the world you live in that something extremely disturbing is happening in the natural world. Seasons are screwed up, bird migratory patterns are all over the place we have had snow in countries that are traditionally hot and extreme heat in temperate countries. Is it because the Earth’s magnetic poles are shifting?

In the Daily Mail today the headline of one of the articles was Scientists say the Earth’s magnetic field could be about to flip upside down. And some fear the results will be devastating

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5351589/Earths-magnetic-field-flip-upside-down.html#ixzz56EJPkeXw

They published a similar article last week, so something is definitely going on.

If the poles are shifting as suggested and as I predicted several years ago then we are in for massive changes. These changes will not only affect us Physically with increased tidal surges and flooding, earthquakes, and extremes of weather, but will affect the whole of nature with certain species dying out due to temperature change affecting the food chain and crop growth. On a spiritual level many Psychics, Clairvoyants and Light Workers are aware of the changes to our DNA as we progress through a massive evolutionary leap into 5D consciousness, many of us will make it many will not due to being stuck in the old 3d way of thinking about “self” . I believe what we are going through is a massive leap in consciousness expansion thatr happens on a regular cycle, perhaps every 10,000/12500 years.

I think we are in for an exciting ride and there is nothing to fear except fear itself, buckle your seatbelts, be aware, hang on and enjoy the experience.

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