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Ian Broadmore
Ian BroadmorePsychic - Visionary
It’s an overcast day as I look out of the window, I have Spotify playing and I’m in a reflective mood. I can’t believe 57 years have passed so quickly. When I look back over my life I realise how lucky I have been to witness the impossible and implausible. I have met many wonderful people on my path who have both inspired me, taught me and become good friends. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

Many years have passed and I have walked down many paths since I first began questioning life’s mysteries. It was over forty years ago that a rather shy boy, different from other children, I was happy in my own thoughts and spent many hours just enjoying my own company. While most of my friends were discovering football, girls and smoking I had a “Eureka” moment. It came about after buying a second hand copy of Chariots of the Gods by Eric Von Daniken at a local jumble sale my mother frequented looking for bargains. It leapt out at me from the bookstall and as soon as I arrived home I read it from cover to cover. That one book set me on a pathway to investigate, learn and discover many unexplained things about the world we live in. It sparked my interest in our ancient past and civilisation’s. But more than that, it made me think, it made me question and it sent me on a lifelong search for answers that continues to this day.

Those far off days were full of discovery, of magic and wonder as I went from one jumble sale to the next looking for books on the supernatural, the paranormal, anything that would give me nuggets of gold. I became a walking question mark asking many questions; why are we here? Is there a God? Is there reincarnation? Is there a purpose to life? I felt what can best be described as an inner calling. It was as though I knew something deep inside my soul but couldn’t remember what it was but I just knew there was more to life than this. and I had a part to play, a calling as yet undiscovered.

I had what you could call visions as a boy and I also suffered nightmares and sleep paralysis. Years later I realised I was having my first glimpses of the unseen world(s) that surround us. I used to think a lot, an awful lot to be honest and I still do to this day. I am very analytical; being a Virgo I question everything. I vividly remember that I would awake in the night frozen with fear as the atmosphere in my bedroom seemed to change, to become very still almost as though it was charged with some sort of energy or electricity. Lying in bed I used to hear a sort of clicking noise as though someone was walking through the woods and the old, dead twigs were breaking beneath their feet. I would become paralysed with fear, sweating, I tried to cry out but couldn’t as the noises came closer and louder, eventually I would yell out “MUMMMMM” and my mother would come rushing in the room explaining that I had a nightmare. On other occasions in the early hours of the morning I would dream such vivid dreams I could remember every detail. Often in colour, I would write them down, something I do to this day. They are so real I feel I am sometimes witnessing some unseen world as an observer. I used to see strange shapes and colours floating around my bedroom as though they were floating in water, strange creatures not unlike fish from the depths of the ocean, lights, and other weird stuff. My mum though I imagined it or dreamt it, but I didn’t, it was very real to me.

I also found that I had what today we would call as Past Life Recall. I could remember things from our distant past and see them in my minds eyes as though I was watching a television screen of moving images. One of my earliest “visions” was of the world being like an onion, made up of many layers and dimensions all co-existing beside and inside each other but none being aware of the dimension next to them. I believe this is what science and modern string theory is just discovering today, that there are many dimensions, and many of us are living our lives in different dimensions simultaneously having differing experiences at the same time.

So here I am at 57, writing this from memory and my extensive diaries, everything you read really happened and I witnessed it personally. I can’t explain it and I don’t have all the answers just pieces of the puzzle of this thing called “Life” I consider myself an explorer of the unknown and like all explorers I have travelled many paths, some dead ends and some providing answers to my questions. I called be called a modern day Mystic, but what is a mystic?

“Mysticism is a universal experience. It has been practiced, in various ways, in all the major religions known to history. Mysticism can be defined as a way of life that flows from an individual’s direct experience of God, however conceived. A mystic is a person who has, to a greater or lesser degree, the experience of being one with the Divine. The life of such a person is not focused merely on religious practice or belief, but on what he or she regards as first-hand personal knowledge, the love of God, or the Divine Reality of God.” (source Barbara Dossey

Today I still question, I still search, and I work as a Visionary & Healer and work from my home in Kent. I hope this very brief glimpse into part of my world will inspire you to search for yourselves and I sincerely hope your search proves as fruitful and wonderful as mine has been. May light shine upon your path and love illuminate your heart. Ian Broadmore 24/03/2017

Testimonial From a good friend of many years ago about me ;

Ian is a man of passion who understands the weakness of others. A man with Gold to give, but cannot say where it originates from. A man who can talk on many levels with the high and low, the poor and rich, the good and bad. A man who can see the hurt in the eyes of many. A man who can see the joy in the eyes of many. A man who needs no Gods to bow down to. A man who heals the pain and suffering of others, A man of the Universe