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Psychic News Truth Campaign

Following the controversy of holding Physical Mediumship displays in total darkness or near darkness Psychic News launched the TRUTH CAMPAIGN on fraudulent Physical Mediums.


Psychic News believes it is now time for Spiritualists around the world to unite in stamping out fraud by utilising new technology before the activities of fake physical mediums like Mannion do long-lasting damage to the Movement.

As a first step, we are campaigning for every physical medium who demonstrates publicly to be tested using the latest, non-invasive thermal technology. We are also inviting all Spiritualist churches and centres to give their support to this campaign by agreeing to allow only those physical mediums whose abilities have been verified by thermal imaging technology to demonstrate on their premises

Mannion, refers to Physical Medium & Psychic Surgeon Gary Mannion being covertly filmed without his knowledge with infra red cameras by Banyan Retreat in Ashford where he had a public seance. Mannion can be seen quite clearly on the film moving around the seance room undetected, touching people, moving people and generally faking Physical Phenomena.

Quoting from PSYCHIC NEWS again:

The challenge, until now, is that infrared filming of physical séances is said to be damaging, since it produces a form of light that, though invisible to the naked eye, could potentially have the same damaging impact on the medium and the phenomena as turning on a normal light.

It is, therefore, regarded by many – but not all – Spiritualists as an invasive and dangerous method of recording the proceedings, despite the fact that a number of mediums have in the past been filmed or photographed with infrared whilst producing phenomena. On the other hand, others have been physically injured when lights have been switched on unexpectedly.

For that reason, Banyan Retreat has been criticised for using infrared without informing Mannion. It justifies that action on the basis of an assurance it received through a trusted medium that no one would be injured if the event were filmed – which proved correct.

So where does it leave us?

A misguided belief that infrared will harm the medium where it clearly does not!

Why was Mannion singled out when other mediums such as Scott Milligan & David Thomson who regularly perform at Banyan Retreat were not filmed ? If they were where is the evidence? Surely, if infrared is ok as was proven by the secret filming of Mannion who suffered no ill effects ,  have they secretly filmed Scott Milligan, Thomson and others? If so were the results positive in which case the world would like to see the evidence, or negative in which case we would like the exposure!

I have been saying for about three years now that technology exists in the digital photography realm to film seances in very low light or no light without using Infra red or expensive thermal imaging cameras, but my voice has been largely unheard.

Physical Mediumship in the Light – To settle the debate once and for all about doing it in the dark and possible fraud after the Gary Mannion debacle and the “you can’t use infra red etc it will damage the medium bullshit” and not being able to film it without spending thousands on a thermal camera.

Pentax have announced a new DSLR today that has an impressive and world beating low light performance of 819,200 ISO!

What does that mean?

It means you can shoot in total darkness!

The best part only £1099 body only instead of the £3000/4000 for a thermal camera.

Psychic News
Banyan Retreat
Arthur Findlay College
Scott Milligan
Kai Muegge
Warren Caylor
David Thompson

and Others Physical Mediums that put on Public Displays for money.

Stop the bullshit, stop the fraud, invest in the camera, BRING PM INTO THE LIGHT IN THE DIGITAL AGE