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Psychic Readings Kent

Ian has a sixth sense to perceive the unseen, he is highly regarded for his Visionary insights and direct, no nonsense approach. Ian is trusted, reassuring and dependable and his clients value his honesty and discretion. He has appeared on BBC Radio and acted as a consultant to the media.

He correctly predicted the headlines in the UK Daily Mail that Einsteins theory of relativity would be proved wrong a full eighteen months BEFORE the official announcement from CERNE and other world events.

I don’t like labels but I guess you called call me Clairvoyant which means – “clear seeing” a gift I inherited from my Mother who was herself extremely Clairvoyant. I have the ability to see things and feel things that  are not physically present to everyday waking consciousness.

All life is energy, and all energy is connected like thin strands of a spiders web that extend into the future. I can tune into these “strands” and pick up intuitively things about your past, present and future, offering guidance and foresight of potential pitfalls and opportunities.

Psychic Readings last 45 minutes  and are by appointment only at my home on a One2one basis, my  consultation fee is £50. I feel that both discretion, integrity and empathy are essential for a successful consultation.

I have built a reputation over 40+ years for Truth – Trust – Integrity and many of my private clients come by recommendation.

During a typical consultation I primarily use my Visionary Insight to provide guidance and foresight. Psychic Readings by Skype are also available for International clients (contact me for details)