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Remote viewing or RV is the ability of receiving impressions of an unseen target or location using Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) or “sensing” with the mind. Remote viewing is not the same as astral travel or out of body experiences (oobe) where it is alleged the soul of the person can voluntary leave the body to travel to far off places. 

Remote Viewing has been the subject of extensive scientific investigation by the US military Russia and the UK. In the 1990s the Stargate project was a $20 million research program that started in 1975 and was started by the US governmen in attempt to determine any military application of Psychic phenomena. 

It is believed the Russians had a similar program into esp and psi research and it’s military applications to remotely view strategic targets and gather information for defence purposes. Reportedly experiments were also carried out to remotely influence key politicians to make a desired decision or follow an objective. The program was officially terminated in 1995 although many believe it just went undercover as part of black budget research. 

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