Reptillians Among Us

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Reptillians Among Us

Reptilians Among Us

Is there an extraterrestrial reptilian race here on earth hidden in plain sight? David Icke put this thought into the public arena a few years ago and it has gained momentum from various other conspiracy theorists since. Everyone from the Queen & Prince Phillip to Angelina Jolie and Barack Obamas bodyguard have been “outed” as reptilian shapeshifters in dubious Youtube videos purporting to show a momentarily collapse in their disguise as their eyes turn into those of a snake or they take on reptilian features.

But what is the truth about this?

After many years of silence I have decided to recount a true story from my own experiences. Many years ago I came across a very spiritually aware individual who warned me of “Archons” and Archon attachment before the term became so popular. Archons are referred to in the Gnostic texts as dark, demonic entities that attach themselves to individuals and feed off negative energy. There is a lot of information on the internet about them so I will not go into too much detail here. Needless to say my friend warned me of these parasites which he explained werewell known in deeper esoteric circles. Certain sensitives he explained can see them as a dark shadow or shape that overshadows an individual, they are extremely deceitful and they can turn your best friend against you he warned, should they be overshadowed by one.

They cause disruption and are like moths to a flame to the spiritually aware or evolved as they will do everything in their power to stop that person progressing on their spiritual path towards truth and the light.  All sorts of obstacles will spring up, seemingly out of the blue to trip you up as I found out myself over the years. They attach themselves with ease to Alcoholics and Drug Addicts as their auras are weakened by substance abuse and will slowly sap the life from them as the person descends into more and more misery.

But are they real and are the extraterrestrial or something else? My research leads me to believe that they are very real!

I was a founding member of the UFO action group formed by Lord Hill-Norton and the Rev Paul Inglesby, Hill-Norton & Ingleby believed they were the greatest threat to mankind and circulated a booklet called the Lord-Hill Norton Concern Report to high profile individuals in politics, religion and the military at the time. The research the group had done through eye witness testimonies lead them to conclude that UFOs and their occupants were in face demonic! and not extraterrestrial in the true sense of the word, but spiritual entities that had been around for millennia in many guises. To the Gnostics Archons, the middle ages Incubus & Succubus and later times aliens & UFOs.

The report went into great depth about the concerns Hill-Norton had and others had about the whole UFO/Alien phenomena being highly dangerous to mankind, the concerns of the cover up by various governments and the potential dangers to the public should the truth be known. On 21st May 1997 they circulated an account of the initiatives brief foray into ufological circles:

A quick analysis of 60 good replies to our questionnaire gives the following 133 specific “concerns”. No doubt 600 replies would give much the same results, viz:

Group 1: Govt Cover-up 34; Defence 19;Political 5;Air Safety 1;UFOs from Mars 1. = 60

Group 2: Alien Contact and Control: Abductions 24;Alian Liason and influence 7;Mutilations 4;”human guinea pigs” 2. =37

Group 3:  Religious, Spiritual = 18

Group 4: Media Influence = 11

Group 5: Scientific;Astronomical = 6

Group 6: Ufological Infighting and Disunity = 1

The report then quoted a variety of “concerns” from individuals across the UK that elaborated on the groups listed above, what was clear was there was very real concern from very real people.  I have made the full report available in PDF format for those that are interested in reading its full implications and conclusions, as the world is in such turmoil at the moment I believe it is vital this information is brought to a wider audience so please feel free to tweet, share on social media this post far and wide as I believe from the evidence I have uncovered Humanity has become enslaved by a demonic/reptilian species/entity and we are ALL in great danger.

My own “evidence” first came to fruition in the 1990s, I was working at the time as a clinical Hypnotherapist when I was approached by a gentleman from Eastbourne that wanted help with a separate issue. We met at my clinic and engaged in brief conversation when out of the blue he mentioned that he knew what I was thinking. I then asked “how?” and he said “think of something” I did, and to my shock he repeated out loud what I was thinking word for word almost before I had thought it! He did this a few more times and certainly got my attention!.

He then went on to explain he could do this since childhood, and could also see “spirit people” and other strange phenomena. This had been with him all his life and he struggled to cope with it and its implications.He went on, that he was getting scared as he had seen people walking around that were not human. I asked him what he meant by this and he spoke softer obviously distressed and said; ” I see people walking around our streets that are not as they seem, they look like us, like you and me but are not. Their faces change into what look like reptiles” This was my first hand experience of someone that could see beyond the veil of normal consciousness to the reality beyond. What he said has stuck in my mind many years.

Since then I have experienced these “attachments” myself on many people, they appear to my clairvoyance as a dark shadow above the head and shoulders of the individual concerned, I have undergone psychic attack in my dreams so I know they are real. I think they are more spirit based than extraterrestrial but cannot be 100% sure. I suspect they go back to Sumerian times or even earlier, the evidence is there in plain sight in various stone tablets from the period. They control our thoughts Psychically and by social manipulation, haven taken over media, politics and religion. We are trapped in an invisible prison without even being aware of the bars. Of one thing I am certain they are dangerous and do not have our best interests at heart.






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