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Signs From Spirit

Spotting Signs From The Spirit World

I am often asked whether or not they will receive a sign from loved ones in spirit or their spirit guides. Spirit are close to us at all times watching and gently guiding us on our journey. The signs are very subtle and we often miss them as we are not relaxed enough to pick up the signals. Spirit signs come in many forms such as…

  • A smell that reminds you of a loved one such as perfume or tobacco, that cant be explained
  • A visit from a loved one in your dreams
  • A feeling of someone lightly stroking your head or arms, a bit like pins and needles
  • A shadow seen out of the corner of your eye
  • Electrical equipment turning on or off
  • Objects in the home mysteriously disappearing or being moved
  • A fallen book or magazine opening at a certain page that answers a question on your mind

When you experience any of these spirit signs there is no need to be scared or alarmed, spirit are just letting you know they are never more than a thought away when you need them.

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