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Spirit Release – What is it?

Spirit Release Therapy or Spirit attachment release is a process whereby a spirit entity is attached to an individual or place for various reasons I will outline and are released or sent on their way to the light by an experienced Psychic Medium. Spirit Release offers peace from all sorts of attachments and can be defined as;

  • Earthbound Spirits
  • Hauntings
  • Possessions
  • Parasitic Attachment
  • Arcons & Other Negative Feeders
  • Psychic Attack
  • Incubus & Succubus
  • Demonic/Satanic Entities & Energies

There are many symptoms of both attachments and possessions I will highlight a few here:

Dark Entities/Parasites/Arcons
These are very dark in nature and feed off the energy from the soul of the person or persons they are attached too. The become attached to an individual when the Aura or energy field is weakened due to drink, drugs, sexual abuse, psychical abuse, Occult rituals or practice or Satanic ritual or Magic. They can sometimes become attached to a Medium that holds seances pretending to be someone deceased that they know but feeding off the energy generated by the circle. They can also take the form of aggressive , nasty spirit individuals that need expert help and advice to banish.

Incubus & Succubus
Are demonic entities that take male (incubus) and female (succubus) form that attach themselves to an individual when they sleep often stimulating extreme, vivid, explicit sexual dreams. In extreme cases they can cause the individual to involuntarily orgasm and at the release they feed off of the sexual energy that is released. The often appear as a beautiful woman or handsome man and initiate sex with the individual or erotic thoughts, sometimes a presence can be felt that you have something sitting on your chest holding you down stopping you from moving. Scientists attribute it to sleep paralysis but from my extensive experience this is not the case and a very real phenomena that has existed for hundreds of years in all cultures.

Discarnate Entities
Can be defined as spirits that have attached themselves to an individual or place. They are dead humans that have passed on through peaceful or non peaceful deaths into the spirit realm but have not returned to the light source because they have not realised they are dead, or they could have been very attached to a person or place when alive and have not wanted to move on. Or they suffered a violent death and “Haunt” the place of their passing.

Real Life Examples
I have helped an individual that became trapped in a Satanic group, releasing him from their hold, successfully banished several dark malevolent entities that had attached themselves to victims of sexual abuse, dealt with a malevolent entity that was let in during a seance causing much trouble for the people involved, and fought with darker astral & archonic entities as well as releasing Earth Bound spirits.

Most possessions are psychological disturbances and not true possessions as dealt with by the Catholic Church and Exorcisms. I can advise on both.

There is an excellent scholarly article on Spirit Release by Dr Alan Sanderson, a small extract with link to the full article is here:

The Case For Spirit Release Therapy
Dr. Alan Sanderson
Spirit possession, according to contemporary science, is impossible, an outworn concept, of interest only to historians and anthropologists. Yet, here in 21st century, two psychiatrists are this evening* suggesting that spirit attachment, as it is now called, may actually be a common and an eminently treatable phenomenon. So what is going on?
I can best respond by telling how I came to involve myself in the subject.
Since I qualified as a doctor nearly fifty years ago, there have been tremendous advances in the practice of medicine. Every branch of medicine has been transformed – every branch, that is, except psychiatry. While there have been advances from improvements in drugs and the development of cognitive psychotherapy, the chief benefits have come from changes in the organisation and delivery of the service. Our understanding of the nature and causes of emotional disorder has advanced scarcely at all. The problems posed by people cutting themselves, abusing drugs and alcohol, suffering periods of depression or experiencing bizarre thoughts and behaviour, seem as great as ever, and we remain in almost total ignorance of the underlying causes. The biological approach, which a century ago appeared to hold out such hope for psychiatry, has run out of steam. Yet, because this remains the only scientifically ‘respectable’ approach, nothing new is being tried. Where should one look? I suggest that to look productively, we make a 180-degree turn, stand on our heads and scan a new vista!
In 1992 I met a hypnotherapist who spoke persuasively about spirit possession and its treatment by hypnosis. He gave me a little book, ‘The Unquiet Dead’, by an American psychologist, Edith Fiore which describes her pioneering hypnotherapeutic work. With the patient in trance, what appeared to be attached spirits were able to use the patient’s voice. Through honest negotiation, Fiore helped them to leave. My hypnotherapist acquaintance gave a convincing demonstration with one of my seriously ill patients. I was impressed. I decided to train in hypnosis and to learn spirit release therapy from Dr. William Baldwin. My training and practice soon convinced me that, whether or not one accepts the theoretical basis, spirit release is a quick and effective therapy.
For some years, I used spirit release therapy in the Health Service, but, as you can imagine, there were problems in using such an approach in the public service. Since leaving the Health Service in 1997 I have been working privately. I have treated hundreds of cases and I can say that spirit attachment, as it is now called, is a common condition for which, in many cases, there is an effective and safe treatment.


In the first instance contact me by email in strictest confidence with what you believe to be the problem, I am a highly qualified & experienced Hypnotherapist have had my own private clinic (The Abintra Clinic) in Harley Street, London for a number of years.  I will evaluate it fully and arrange a phone conversation. From there I may suggest several paths that will lead to the desired outcome. Any professional fees or travel expenses will be discussed at the time.