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Good Morning Ian ..thank you so much for your amazing insight and wonderful reading you did for me yesterday ..There is no way you could have known about my illness we have never spoke about it …your links with my nan and uncle were spot on ..it was lovely to hear from them both thank you …i was so pleased and happy and felt very peaceful after speaking with you on here ..even my two children put a tear to my eye you were so kind and respect with me when they both linked with you as well .thank you for making my day so bright and full of joy …again ..also the wonderful healing you have been sending me and completely lifted the pain from my foot ..i am now able to walk today …pain free ..you have such a wonderful gift ..may you continual to bring such happiness and joy to peoples minds hearts and spirits ….thank you once again
I really enjoyed my time with Ian and now, weeks after the reading, I am still very grateful for Ian’s work and the possibility to spent time with him.
Ian’s authentic, empathic and friendly way to do the reading created the perfect atmosphere. Due to Ian’s work I feel a new and stronger inner strength established. I feel healed in a very special way and it opened my heart and my eyes at once. After the “healing reading” it was possible for me to solve important challenges I had to overcome.
Thank you so much, Ian! Hope to meet you again,
Dirk from Germany
Ian has an incredible gift, I was doubtful at first but as soon as I spoke to him on the phone he mentioned my illness – he had no knowledge of me beforehand! I was flabbergasted as he described in detail the health issues I had been struggling with, I felt at peace just talking to him – amazing guy

I work on the subtle energy field that surrounds all things and tap into inner emotional conflict and blockages in the Chakra of the light body.

When I carry out  emotional healing I can remove negative energy from your energy body which causes blockages in the endocrine system leading to “Dis-Ease” and physical illness in the body. Emotional conflict such as pain, hurt, stress, negativity, anger, frustration broken heart, disappointment, can all be released in a healing session. I can feel the energy flow from you to me where I dissipate it safely into the earth energy’s and then  replenish it by directing healing energy into the aura. A typical releases of emotion is usually accompanied by tears, and a feeling of a weight being lifted and elation. 

Spiritual Healing involves acting as a channel for healing energy and directing it at the patient, you do not need to be religious to receive healing and it is available to all faiths and denominations.

There are many types of Healing currently available, for example, Meditation Release, Chakra, Chi, Qi Gong, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, TFT, Crystal, Energy, Past Life Healing, Quantum, Spiritual healing. All are valid forms of healing and none is any more powerful than another.

Hands on healing is where the healer holds his or her hands a few inches above the patient and directs healing energy into the Aura and Chakra system. Some healers may ask your permission to place their hands on your head , shoulders or other body part in which case you may feel a tingling sensation or heat coming from the healer’s hands. Always remember healing is not guaranteed and no healer can or should guarantee to cure you of any illness although research suggests spiritual healing does help recovery you should always seek medical advice from a qualified professional. All a healer can do is try to help you by connecting with the universal healing energy and acting as a channel direct it into the patient.

During aSpiritual healing session if guided  I may ask to hold your hand or hands and will always ask your permission first.

As Healers we do not actually heal ourselves, we are just acting as a conduit for the willful direction of Spiritual energy into the patient. No reputable healer would ask you to remove any clothing or touch you in any improper way, remember that a reputable healer would always ask your permission first if he or she wished to touch your head or shoulders etc. I can help you release emotional blockages in your energy system which cause your life force to stagnate, this “Dis-Ease” which outwardly manifests as “Disease”. Negative emotions such as Anger, Fear, Resentment, Guilt, Hate can all have an adverse effect on your health and well being. We can remove them by using guided meditation in which I sit you in a comfy chair with soothing background music and guide your thoughts and feelings deep into your subconscious.

Healing is carried out by identifying and removing blockages for you which will enable the flow of your own energy. This is a gentle healing process during which you will receive nothing but positive, life affirming suggestions that will have a beneficial effect on your health and wellness. I have had profound results  in as little as one session although some may require three sessions maximum to fully benefit from the healing process.

*You should always seek professional medical advice from a qualified physician before undertaking any alternative or holistic healing

We shall eternally remain grateful to you for your devotion and the efforts you made through absent healing & spiritual prayers for his fight with cancer, recovery and well being. We are also indebted to the medical team for their relentless crusade to help Sanjay Verma for survival. Your selfless dedication in helping Sanjay in his quest for life has only strengthened our belief in humanity and concern for the mankind. Thanks again and with indebtedness, Subhash Saxena and Sanjay Verma Family
Subhash Saxena