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Does Spiritual Healing Work

You may scoff,you may doubt,you may be skeptical – but scientific research suggests it does!

In 2000 a systematic review looked at 23 trials using different types of healing, including prayer, mental healing, therapeutic touch, and spiritual healing. Most of the trials involved people who had heart and skin conditions. There was one study of children with leukemia. The review pulled together the published results of all these trials to draw its conclusions. It was difficult for the researchers to draw firm conclusions because the designs of the studies were so different. But over half of the studies showed that healing had a positive effect. These effects included lowering anxiety, pain and blood pressure and helping people to sleep better.

A UK study in 2012 looked at whether spiritual healing could help women taking long term hormone therapy for breast cancer. Long term hormone therapy can cause side effects that make some women stop taking it. The researchers wanted to find out whether spiritual healing could support patients having side effects from this treatment. 12 patients took part and had healing therapy every week for 10 weeks. The researchers found that patients having healing therapy had fewer treatment side effects, higher energy levels, better well being, and more emotional relaxation. They also started to take part in activities that they had given up since their cancer diagnosis.

Professor Walach, a psychologist at the University of Northampton, recently conducted an exhaustive analysis of all the data and came to the conclusion that spiritual healing really does work. He is gaining powerful supporters, too. Professor Harald Walach, a psychologist from the University of Northampton, says: ‘We should take this phenomenon seriously even if we don’t understand it. To ignore it would be unscientific. Our work shows that there is a significant effect.For despite it being the most widely practiced alternative remedy, science has only recently begun to investigate whether spiritual healing actually works. Scientists and doctors simply assumed that it didn’t.”

Healing is a flow of energy. Some believe it to originate from a Divine Source – from God or some other higher power; others say that the healing energy is part of the natural energy that exists within and around us all, sometimes described as the universal energy field. Others haven’t got a clue where it comes from! It doesn’t matter what you believe – or don’t believe – healing will have an effect. Spiritual healing is not the same as faith healing, in which the success of the treatment depends on the patient’s faith in the healer, or in God, or in a specific religion – no religious faith is required for spiritual healing to work.

Research into Psychic war fare carried out by the USA and Russia into the power of Psychics suggested that such powers do exist although yet unexplained to mainstream science. The energy is said to be electro magnetic in nature and exists in all living things. This energy can be directed by thought and intention in various ways. For instance to direct healing to someone anywhere in the world, by the same nature scientists under the direction of the CIA undertook a program called “MK Ultra” which was a government funded research program into behavioral engineering of humans through “mind control”

The Russians developed similar programs into Psychic research so we can assume China, the UK and other countries also developed programs along similar lines of research into the untapped power of the mind. The American program began in the 1950s as a black budget research program and was officially sanctioned in 1953 and officially halted in 1973. Although recent requests through the FOIA act suggest although it was officially “halted” it simply went underground as a black budget research program.

The study of psychic phenomena by major scientists started in the mid-nineteenth century. Early researchers included Michael FaradayAlfred Russel WallaceRufus Osgood Mason, andWilliam Crookes. Their work predominantly involved carrying out focused experimental tests on specific individuals who were thought to be psychically gifted. Reports of apparently successful tests were met with much skepticism from the scientific community.

In the 1930s J. B. Rhine expanded the study of paranormal performance into larger populations, by using standard experimental protocols with selected human subjects.From World War II until the 1970s the US government occasionally funded ESP research. When the US intelligence community learned that the USSR and China were conducting ESP research, it became receptive to the idea of having its own competing psi research program.

Modern scientific advances into Quantum Mechanics and string theory have opened new doors to the universe and everything in it being connected at a sub-atomic level of consciousness. Recent disclosures by a retired CIA operative into Psychic research suggested the research was taken very seriously, with budgets in excess of $20 million dollars a year. So for something that science does not currently understand they are throwing an awlful lot of taxpayer money at it. The modern term for these abilities is “quantum entanglement” . If everything is connected it is possible for a trained individual to pick up information about anybody or place anybody in the world by utilising the thought energy matrix.

This is I believe the underlying principle by which healing works, it is not a placebo effect but a very real phenomena as yet understood by science although I do believe from my research fully understood by the military as they see its potential for espionage and defense activities.

Generally military technology is 20/30 years in advance of mainstream public knowledge, so by the same notion we can assume Psychic research into healing, PSI, Telekinesis, Remote Viewing etc is advanced by the same level.

Uri Geller the internationally known psychic and spoon bender recently acknowledged that he was a Psychic Spy in the employ of various government institutions for projects undisclosed. I believe spoon bending is carried out with the same psychic energy as healing, everything has an opposite and the energy can be used for positive situations such as healing or negative as investigated by the military.

My own investigations and experiments into remote viewing through up some interesting answers. It seems you can view current time as we understand it, but also look into the past to see past events and the future to see what will be. Prophecy was rife in the old testament and my own experiences have proved to me its very real. Without going into too much detail I foresaw terrorist events that had not happened in the UK, I also foresaw that Einsteins theory was incorrect two years before it was announced by researches .

“SCIENTISTS claimed yesterday that they have proved Albert Einstein got his famous theory WRONG. 23/09/2011

They said an experiment had shown the celebrated genius was mistaken when he declared that nothing can go faster than light.

It will overturn one of the fundamental laws of the universe if they are right.

The international team of experts said they have recorded sub-atomic particles called neutrinos travelling fractionally faster than light.

They pumped out the particles from the CERN research centre – home to the Large Hadron Collider – near Geneva, Switzerland, to Gran Sasso, Italy. Spokesman Antonio Ereditato said: “We have high confidence in our results.

“We have checked and rechecked.” Einstein’s 1905 theory of special relativity – that the speed of light is a “cosmic constant” – is a cornerstone of physics. The new findings could even mean time travel is possible.

Expert Dr Mark Hadley, of the University of Warwick, said: “If the discovery is right, it would be truly revolutionary.

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