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Spiritual House Cleansing

Spirit Release – Spiritual House Clearing – Negative Energy Cleansing From Houses

Spiritual Clearing of homes and spaces, I am a sensitive and empath and can bring peace and tranquility to your House by banishing negative energy and spirit attachments in a safe manor.

You may feel uncomfortable in your home or space for several reasons , there may be unusual noises or smells you cant explain, things may just disappear without explanation, furniture and objects may move. You may experience cold spots or strange feelings, perhaps of an oppressive nature. Do you see dark shadows out of the corner of your eye? perhaps your cat or dog stares at a particular place for no reason as though they are watching some invisible presence?Are you plagued by oppressive nightmares or uncomfortable feelings as though there was a presence in the room?

There are many reasons for this, some very mundane such as strange bangs and creeks which may just be your plumbing or your house expanding and contracting in heat or cold.

I can successfully clear your House, Office, or Space of negative feelings using a combination of spiritual techniques that have been tried and tested over the years.

Contact me in strictest confidence for advice and prices.