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Tarot Reading Kent

using the infamous “Deck of The Bastard” this unique Tarot deck speaks a hidden language of its own and I have been using it for a number of years. I use the traditional Celtic Cross Spread which highlights the present situation in your life now, what is obstructing or blocking you moving forward, the past events that lead to the current situation, the future events that are likely to occur within 3 to 6 months, the immediate events you are moving away from, your influence on other people, your inner emotions, your specific goal and objective and the best that can be accomplished in the current situation, and the culmination and results which will be brought about from all of the influences in your life as revealed by the other cards.

Some people treat the Tarot Cards as a parlour game or fortune telling, but, I have found after forty plus years of reading them that they are anything but. They provide clear guidance in moments of doubt and confusion, removing the wood from the trees to reveal what is hidden. I have had clients that have been amazed that after shuffling the Tarot Cards several times in succession they come out exactly the same hammering home the message and answer to the question.

I offer Tarot Readings at my home in Faversham which last half an hour or I can do them by Skype or phone, you can book on my bookings page.