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The Future of Mediumship 2017-07-21T12:07:48+00:00

My checklist;

  1. The medium gives accurate, detailed and personal information, pertaining only to the addressed individual
  2. The medium does not engage in stock spiels, i.e. general statements that will apply to almost everyone, or any other cold reading technique as described by sceptics. (For further information on Cold Reading I recommend you seek out the seminal work by Ian Rowland “The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading”)
  3. The medium gives information that he or she couldn’t have known beforehand by any means.
  4. The medium does not seek the participation of the audience in order to convey any messages


These are just a few points I am sure there are many more valid points that need to be looked out. One of the biggest problems Is I believe we have cheapened it to end of the pier “entertainment “ for the masses instead of treating it with the sacredness and dignity it deserves.

It’s all about money and egos at the present time, fame and fortune instead of deep, truthful spiritual philosophy, it has degenerated into something that the mediums of old would not recognise. The Future of Mediumship hangs in the balance is this time.

There are many mediums I could name and shame, but I won’t because in their souls they carry their own shame, everything is remembered every deed, act, and thought. Those that knowingly fake mediumship bear the scars on their souls, those that unknowing THINK they are mediums, ignorance is no excuse.

It’s time to bring mediumship back to where it belongs