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Trance Mediumship

Trance Mediumship is one of the many interesting aspects of mediumship that is demonstrated today, although much rarer than Clairvoyance which is the predominant form of mediumship displayed in most spiritualist churches and private sittings.

There were many trance mediums from the past such as Lillian BaileyLeslie FlintGordon Higginson , Jack Webber and others.

Trance Mediums enter an altered state of consciousness which allows spirit to overshadow their physical bodies and either speak through them or speak using an external voice box which spirit make from the energy of the medium. This is known as direct voice where you can hear spirit speaking usually above or to the side of the medium, but not from the mediums lips. Lillian Bailey entered trance and her guide Bill Wotton spoke through her as did other guides such as Father Hafed. Leslie Flint was a direct voice medium of some repute in that he was tied, bound including having his mouth gagged but still the voices of spirit in the room.

Direct voice mediumship is rarer today and I know of no direct voice medium currently giving public demonstrations. Trance Mediumship does create some controversy as many mediums believe they enter trance and talk in an altered voice, but this is often just the mediums own subconscious , and not an external personality speaking through the medium.

Elaine Thorpe is an exceptional trance medium working today, her main guide “Jonathan” speaks through her in trance as an entirely separate personality from Elaine. Full details are on her website.

Why Do Mediums Speak In Funny Voices?

Is a question I have often been asked and I have asked myself!
Have you noticed that some mediums when channeling their spirit guides feel obliged to speak in a funny voice? I recently watched a documentary about a well-known Psychic Surgeon Gary Mannion who was recently exposed as a Fraud by Nic Whiting of Banyan retreat when filmed with a hidden Infrared camera. The program was quite interesting and was positive towards the psychic until he was asked to channel his guide Abraham
When he went into light “trance” Abraham came through almost immediately speaking in the accent of an upper class British toff ! Now Abraham is supposed to be the Biblical Abraham and I quote this observer from another Blog:

He claims that his hands are guided spiritually during surgery by none other than the biblical Abraham. He also channels Abraham and we get to meet him during the program – this was the part that I found hysterically funny – Abraham it turns out, has a posh British accent. One would have expected Abraham to speak Akkadian or some other Semitic language, or even English with a Hebrew or Yiddish accent; instead he sounds like a right toff when he speaks through him. Is there some great spiritual school in the sky that all potential guides have to pass through before they can choose an earthbound human to channel through? They all seem to spout the same airy fairy codswallop; I’ve been to a few New Age fairs and I’ve heard the same drivel repeated over and over. Not only does he channel Abraham, but he can chat with other spirits too, although we didn’t get to see him do that during the documentary. He also said that Abraham is constantly with him, except for three days a month; so does he go on ‘oliday then, luv?”

At this point in the documentary my heart sank as once again I had witnessed a Psychic’s reputation dissolve before my eyes. I am not singling out this Psychic in particular, I could name many more mediums, some very famous that destroy any reputation they have as soon as they feel the need for mimicry. I used to visit a medium in Hastings years ago called Teresa, every time she went into her spiel she put on a funny voice in the misguided belief it would convince me I was talking to her Chinese guide. So, why do mediums insist on the funny voices?
I believe for several reasons, foremost a want to please the sitter (and at a subconscious level themselves) that they are indeed channeling a guide. Secondly – Ego, it makes them feel that they are indeed wonderful mediums. Personally, I would have more trust in the medium if they spoke to me in the voice they were born with. I have several guides who have been with me over the years, some going some new ones going as my spirituality progressed. On one occasion I was sitting in circle and Jonas came through and I relayed his inspiring message of love to the circle, but in my voice. Although Jonas gave me the message as mental imagery and feelings I felt no need to embellish it with funny voices. Likewise, I have several Tibetan Healing monks who come through, I don’t speak Tibetan or feel the need to alter my voice in any way to pass on any philosophy or spiritual message they give me.

Now I have said all that I was very fortunate to meet by chance a man that has become a good friend that knew personally the great medium Lillian Bailey. He has kindly provided me with a wealth of information about her private sittings both as written up transcripts and reel to reel tape recordings which he unselfishly took many hours to transfer to CD.

I feel very privileged he has shared these wonderful recording with me as many are highly personal being recordings of Lillian and his father and mother. The standard of accuracy is astounding, Lillian was a trance medium and her guide was Bill Wotton, when Lillian goes into trance she is taken over by another personality completely. She speaks in a man’s voice and trust me I have heard these recordings she IS NOT impersonating a man, each voice is very different and distinctive unlike the tosh we witness today from various celebrity (and non-celebrity) mediums


In the case of a trance medium all her experiences take place while the physical body is in a trance. It is the Ego clothed in the mind and desire body which leaves the physical body behind, and the same separation takes place then as in dreamless sleep, with the difference, however, that the physical body is not left tenantless upon the bed. The spirit control usually enters the physical body of the medium, taking possession and using it according to his pleasure often to the great detriment of the medium. For instance, when such a spirit control has been a drunkard or libertine during earth life, it will often use the medium’s body to gratify its craving for liquor, or its base sensual instincts. We cannot too strongly impress upon people that this physical body is our most valuable instrument and that it is very wrong for anyone to abandon it to the mercy of either a hypnotist or a Spirit control.

In regard to earthbound Spirits, it should be remembered that they are in every respect like the hypnotists, except that they are invisible to the victims and have more power over them, because they are looked up to as “higher beings,” “angels,” devoid of evil, and unselfishly aiming to diffuse happiness or wisdom. As a matter of fact, there is no transforming power in death. The sinner does not become a saint nor the ignoramus a Solomon because of death, and it is a pathetic sight to the trained clairvoyant to see the imposition practiced by their unprincipled spirit controls upon their unsuspecting victims, who are so thoroughly unsophisticated that they fail to distinguish the true character of the imposters and accept their inane, goody- goody phrases as sublime wisdom. They have done some good in proving the reality of life after death, but much harm to mediums.

It is to be expected that Spirits of a high ethical nature or great spiritual attainment do not usually control a medium. Rather it is the earthbound and low Spirits who obtain a control over mediumistic persons, and when in possession of the body they may use it to gratify their low passions for drink and sex. Thus they cause a disturbance to the system and a deterioration of the medium