Why I Left Facebook

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Why I Left Facebook

Why I Left Facebook

Hey if your reading this post congratulations for showing an interest! You have either come here just by browsing my blog in which case thank you for the interest in my musings, or you searched “why I left facebook” and found this post. Its highly unlikely you actually came directly from Facebook after missing me.

I have been on Facebook several years now and built a following of 600+ “friends” and over 2700 “Likes” for my “Page” I believed (falsely) that Facebook was a great social tool for delivering a message and opening peoples minds to the possibility of an afterlife and other stuff, its not.

Facebook has become a monster that corrupts values with pornography, hate, racism, and social engineering of the masses, it tracks every site you ever visit, it knows your locations where you are, your privacy is no more , you are part of the monster machine.

Facebook say they take #privacy and #security seriously – trust me they don’t give a shit about this. I have had endless posts in my timeline showing #racism #homophobia #vigalantes #hate #violence that I have reported as being inappropriate. In all but one case I got the standard response of  “It does not violate Facebook’s terms or policies”, and the post is allowed. I have seen pictures of terrible cruelty to animals, torture of people, and pornography , pictures that Mark Zuckerberg would not show his own children , but hes quite happy to show them to yours and mine.

Facebook say don’t “friend” people you don’t know then every day in your timeline are “suggestions” of people you don’t know to #friend! Mostly click bait adverts of half naked girls with skimpy shorts and half undressed who have no similar interests to mine.

Then there are the endless adverts offering me products I have no interest in that clog your timeline.

Then you wonder why you get friend requests? out of 600 “friends” there are only 6/8 that actually interact with me or read my posts and comment on them – so why did the other 592 bother to send me a friend request if they are not interested in me or my posts?

To show you the absurdity of it it’s quite clear on my Page who I am, where I live, what I do, what I charge for my services, and how to book a consultation with me yet, I get friends ask “what do you do?” ” how much do you charge?” “how do I book?” Are they just dumb as shit or just to lazy to click a link or read anything?

How many times a day do you check your Facebook feed in the hope something of interest is happening? once? twice? more? I would hazard a guess at least a dozen times a day – why? Without realising you have become addicted to it, its taking up your time its taking your thoughts and its changing the way you think.

Its a fact that Facebook has been “used” by various Political parties to manipulate public opinion with fake news stories, but how do you know what is real and what is fake? Just because Facebook publishes it doesn’t make it true – you are being subtly Psychologically manipulated to make certain choices without reason or intellect, you have become cannon fodder, a drone.

Then there are my “friends” posts – let’s be honest these friends are not real friends they are associations, Avatars, nameless, invisible people sitting behind a computer screen screaming to the world “look at me” “listen to me” “I’m Interesting” “like me” “feel sorry for me” They show little or no interest in me or my writings so why friend me in the first place?

I could go on and on, but do you know what since I made the decision to leave permanently I have been happier, had more free time, and feel great! I have had one “friend” actually message me to ask why I have left which just hammered home all the above points that I was right to leave.

Facebook has become a tool for social engineering (brainwashing) for the unintelligent amongst you, it corrupts morals, incites hatred, promotes pornography, and manipulates the way you think. Its watching you 24/7 it knows who you are, your likes and dislikes, what you read, what you watch, what you listen to, it knows your friends and family and your children and your friends children, it knows your location, what places you visit, where you eat and what you do, it monitors the websites you visit even if you turn it off!

Not anymore

I hope if you are genuinely interested in what I have to say and that you follow my blog or twitter feed, I have I have made thought provoking posts that have made you question your existence in the world or answered questions you have. I hope sincerely your mind is free to use reason and intellect to know what is true and what is false, be the YOU that you were meant to be, be free to make your own choices in life, dont be lead or swayed by opinion, LIVE YOUR LIFE AS A FREE SPIRIT






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