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How do you define “Best Psychic in UK” or worldwide for that matter. Depending on your view of the world best could be the most accurate, the most facebook or twitter followers, the most verifiable testimonials from genuine clients, the most expensive? the cheapest? the most tested?

Despite what you may have read by self-promoting business colleges that “train” Psychics & Mediums there is no official qualification in the Psychic business.


So, what does best Psychic UK really mean?

When people are searching for a Psychic they will usually do two things, go by recommendation (the best method) or type into Google or other search engine “Best Psychic” or “Best Psychic UK” and then go through the results. But does that mean that Google is delivering the best Psychics in the search? – NO!

It means that SEO experts have been paid to get the term into top page one search results, lets face it this is what brought you to reading this article in the first place, unless of course you have heard of my reputation in which case welcome!

Any Psychic can only be judged by the accuracy of his/her readings, and their reputation for truth, discretion and Integrity. You may visit a great Psychic who is uncannily accurate but has no personal integrity and blabs all about you on social media, or you may get a Psychic that has no social medial presence but is recommended to you by previous clients.

Ultimately you should go on personal recommendations from previous clients, and verifiable testimonials from clients that have given their permission for the testimonial in the first place, ensuring they are not just made up.

In my time I have met some great Psychics and not so great Psychics, and some that are not Psychic at all! I have built my reputation on three simple words, TRUTH – TRUST – INTEGRITY


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