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Best Spiritual Healer UK

Best Spiritual Healer UK

I don’t know, but it brought you to this page, my client recommendations as a spiritual healer speak for themselves so ask them. There are many healers in the UK from various disciplines: Reiki, Energy, Chakra, Hands On, Hands Off, Absent, Spiritual, Psychic, Counselling. All are valid forms of Healing if they achieve the end result of bringing Healing and peace to the client. I believe everybody has the ability to heal themselves and if they desire to heal others.

Life is energy – we are energy

All energy can be directed by thought and intention – where your thoughts go energy flows!

A spiritual healer will use intention i.e they want to help heal you through their compassion to bring about an end to suffering so they willfull direct healing energy into your subtle body first which is electro-magnetic in nature, this in turn manifests into your physical, human body. Not everybody can be healed by spiritual healing, its not a miracle cure for all illness but can certainly assist the healing process.

You should always seek medical help from a medical practitioner before undergoing spiritual healing, although it can be used alongside your current medical treatment. Healers act as a channel to direct the energy that permeates life we are amplifiers if you like and we ask to be used as channels by the supreme creator to bring about healing for individuals and the planetary logos.

Every act of kindness alleviates suffering

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