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Best Spiritual Healer UK

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Best Spiritual Healer UK I don't know, but it brought you to this page, my client recommendations as a spiritual healer speak for themselves so ask them. There are many healers in the UK from various disciplines: Reiki, Energy, Chakra, Hands On, Hands [...]

Energy Body

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Energy Body Your body is a magnificent machine, it can be compared to a sophisticated piece of electronic equipment that has numerous circuits, wiring and electricity to make it function. You have an autonomic nervous system that controls your blood flow, heart rate, breathing [...]

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Health or Wealth?

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Health Or Wealth Health is not about health it's about WEALTH. These are the side effects of a popular prescription pain killer.  Note they are not side effects but THE effects on your body. Allergic reactions Skin rash Shortness of breath Feeling sick or being [...]

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