Most Famous Healers in the world

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Most Famous Healers In The World Famous  Healers Past And Present  Spiritual healing or “energy” healing, often called by many names such as Chi, Prana, Orgone, etc  has been around for centuries, the bible is full of tales of miraculous healing carried out [...]

Do Healers Have Special Powers

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Do Healers Have Special Powers ? Healing goes under many names for example; Faith Healing, Spiritual Healing, Chakra Healing, Bio-energy Healing, Chakra Balancing to name a few. They all use one thing in common energy. What is this energy? It pervades the universe [...]

The Magus of Java

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I highly recommend this book if you are interested in healing or our innate abilities.  The Magus of Java tells the story of John Chang an amazing Healer and master of chi energy. In 1988 a documentary called "Ring of Fire" had a startling sequence [...]

Best Spiritual Healer UK

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Best Spiritual Healer UK I don't know, but it brought you to this page, my client recommendations as a spiritual healer speak for themselves so ask them. There are many healers in the UK from various disciplines: Reiki, Energy, Chakra, Hands On, Hands [...]

Energy Body

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Energy Body Your body is a magnificent machine, it can be compared to a sophisticated piece of electronic equipment that has numerous circuits, wiring and electricity to make it function. You have an autonomic nervous system that controls your blood flow, heart rate, breathing [...]

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