Energy Body

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Energy Body Your body is a magnificent machine, it can be compared to a sophisticated piece of electronic equipment that has numerous circuits, wiring and electricity to make it function. You have an autonomic nervous system that controls your blood flow, heart rate, breathing [...]

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The Power Of Compassion

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I went away the weekend for a little "me" time to Richmond Upon Thames and stayed at a lovely hotel with a spa. What I witnessed will haunt me forever. I went into the spa, first the steam room, then the Sauna. As I entered [...]

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Waiting For The World To Change

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Waiting For The World To Change No More Brother Against Brother No More Nation Against Nation No More Man Against Creation No More War Peace, Love, Balance, Unity Live In Harmony as ONE HUMANITY      

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A Message From Spirit

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Message From Spirit These two questions were put to guides Question; "Why cant I get a message from spirit?" Answer; "sometimes with some people it is not possible to get any information because their soul, at that time, is not meant to have [...]

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Archangel Metatron

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Archangel Metatron An Angel Calls As a Virgo I am naturally analytical and analyse every spiritual and mystical experience I have had to eliminate self-delusion, ego or other natural explanations. Naturally cynical I tend to be “I will believe it when I see [...]

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