Chillingham Castle Chapel

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Chillingham Castle Chapel Chillingham Castle in Northumberland is reputedly the uks most haunted castleĀ  We visited this wonderfully eccentric place a few weeks ago on holiday. The castle is cramed full of curios and interesting objects including a life size crystal skull that [...]

The Magus of Java

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I highly recommend this book if you are interested in healing or our innate abilities.  The Magus of Java tells the story of John Chang an amazing Healer and master of chi energy. In 1988 a documentary called "Ring of Fire" had a startling sequence [...]

Best Spiritual Healer UK

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Best Spiritual Healer UK I don't know, but it brought you to this page, my client recommendations as a spiritual healer speak for themselves so ask them. There are many healers in the UK from various disciplines: Reiki, Energy, Chakra, Hands On, Hands [...]

Native American Indian Spirit Guide

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Native American Indian Guide I am very aware of a native American Indian Spirit guide around me at the moment - or... Is it my imagination? He watches and waits for me to make decisions and choices but does not Influence me. [...]

What Happens During a Psychic Reading

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What Happens During a Psychic Reading It begins even before the reading, I sit and meditate for 30 minutes so I am in a relaxed state of mind, often I will ask a simple question such as "what does x need to know" I [...]

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Spirit Guide Messages

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Spirit Guide Messages One of my main Spirit Guides goes by the name "Jonas" but as Shakespeare said "What's in A Name" these words of wisdom are spirit guide philosophy I received during a deep trance meditation. Do not worship me but [...]

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Why Cant A Psychic Read For Me

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Why Cant A Psychic Read For Me? There are several reasons a medium or psychic may refuse or be unable to do a reading for you. Sometimes the energy just is not right and the psychic will intuitively pick this up and may refuse to [...]

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