Comes from the French, meaning “Clear Seeing” The late, great Peter Sellers had a lifelong belief in Psychics and Fortune Tellers. Seller’s’ introduction to the Paranormal came via fellow Goon, Michael Bentine, the Watford-born Peruvian, who had grown-up in a household where seances and table-turning were regularly practiced. Not long after they first met, Bentine told Sellers of his Psychic abilities – how during the Second World War, when Bentine served in the Royal Air Force, he had been able to tell which of his comrades would die before a bombing mission. Bentine claimed if he saw a skull instead of his colleague’s features, then he knew this person would be killed.How often Bentine was correct in his predictions is not known. 

When asked if it was possible to predict the future in a TV interview Sellers replied:

Absolutely!  No doubt about that at all. People that are clairvoyant have the ability to raise themselves up above time as we know it, and look down on us, where we’ve come from, where we are going to

Peter Sellers was told by a Clairvoyant someone with the initials BE would have a major influence on his life, it could have stood for Blake Edwards but sellers arrived at a different interpretation, Britt Ekland.


The clairvoyant who had most influence over Sellers life was Maurice Woodruff, the famed TV and newspaper astrologer, whose syndicated column reached over fifty million people at the height of his career. Woodruff received over 5,000 letters a week, asking for advice and had a Who’s Who of of celebrity clients, including Lionel Bart and Diana Dors. He also famously predicted the death of President John F. Kennedy and the end of the Vietnam War. Sellers was devoted to Woodruff, consulting him before he accepted any roles, and regularly had Tarot readings performed over the telephone.

Clairvoyants work in different ways, with myself I see images in my mind’s eye, very much like observing a film of someone’s life. Sometimes it is in full colour sometimes black and white, sometimes crystal clear sometimes fuzzy like a TV that is not quite tuned in to the station.

It is very much like tuning into a radio station, all around us are radio waves transmitting music, TV stations and much more,  all invisible to the naked eye but nevertheless there. A Clairvoyant tunes into the person’s energy field called the Aura and the invisible fields that surround us, sometimes called the Akashic records. It is believed that everything that has happened , is happening and will happen is in the Akashic records. Far Eastern adepts would look into the Akashic records of those that consulted them to see their past Karma, they did this Clairvoyantly as I do.