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Mind Body Connection
I am a firm believer following years of research that the Mind/Body connection is stronger than we believe. All disease is a manifestation of “dis-ease”. Every living creature is made up of energy in a raw state, this energy is magnetic in nature and vibrates at different frequencies. When this energy field becomes blocked or disturbed it manifests through the human organism as illness in some form. With the plethora of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Radio Waves, Radiation and electronic pollution is it any wonder our bodies natural defences are weakened?

I work on the subtle energy field that surrounds all things and tap into inner emotional conflict and blockages in the Chakra of the light body.

When I carry out emotional healing I can remove negative energy from your energy body which causes blockages in the endocrine system leading to “Dis-Ease” and physical illness in the body. Emotional conflict such as pain, hurt, stress, negativity, anger, frustration broken heart, disappointment, can all be released in a healing session. I can feel the energy flow from you to me where I dissipate it safely into the earth energy’s and then replenish it by directing healing energy into the aura. A typical releases of emotion is usually accompanied by tears, and a feeling of a weight being lifted and elation.

I first came to holistic medicine as a patient looking for a gentler way of treating my own and my wifes symptoms. Today, I believe in providing gentle healing that improves every aspect of my clients lives.


Healing Services

My mission is to restore the health of my patients and improve their lives through alternative healing treatments. I am a Healer, My mission is to heal, but also to teach my patients a better approach to their own health. It’s not enough for me to just improve their health, I want to improve their lives.

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