Most Famous Healers in the world

//Most Famous Healers in the world

Most Famous Healers in the world

Most Famous Healers In The World

Famous  Healers Past And Present 

Spiritual healing or “energy” healing, often called by many names such as Chi, Prana, Orgone, etc  has been around for centuries, the bible is full of tales of miraculous healing carried out by the master healer Jesus.

But what exactly is healing and is faith or belief necessary in order to be healed and heal?

After 35 years on a Spiritual path I have seen many strange, wonderful things, healing has always interested me and I have devoted the later part of my life to investigating both its proponents, methods and outcomes.

There are many healers in the World today that use many different techniques and follow many different belief systems.

From the Shaman of the Amazon, the psychic surgeons of Brazil, to the Spiritual healers in the western hemisphere. There are many famous healers in the world and I will touch upon just a few here.

John of God is perhaps the most famous healer in the world today.

John whose “real name” is João Teixeira de Faria, known also as João de Deus, is a Brazilian medium and “psychic surgeon”He is based in Brazil where he runs the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola, a “spiritual healing centre” He has no medical training and describes himself as a simple farmer. Patients are offered the choice of ‘visible’ or ‘invisible’ operations. If they select an ‘invisible’ operation (or are younger than 18 or older than 52) they are directed to sit in a room and meditate. John of God  says that spirit physicians can perform surgery on the actual patient via a surrogate when the actual patient is unable to make the trip.

John of God tells people not to stop taking their medicine and says not everyone he serves will be cured. Often the treatment includes capsules containing pure passion flower that he says carry special blessed spiritual energy to support the individual’s healing process. John of God has undergone trials and scrutiny of his work. He has been arrested several times for practising medicine without a licence and has been jailed once.

It was estimated by 60 Minutes Australia in 2014 that sales of various potions and amulets for healing  earn Faria over $10 million per year.

One of the most famous healers in the UK if not the world was Harry Edwards who founded the Harry Edwards healing Sanctuary in 1946.
Edwards initially a printer by profession visited a Spiritualist meeting and was told by a medium that he was an instrument for spiritual healing.  Subsequently he made his first attempts at healing which were so successful that he fully dedicated his life to healing others. In over 40 years up to 2000 people per month visited him at his Sanctuary in Shere, England. He also became famous for his public healing demonstrations at the Royal Albert Hall attended by up to 5000 visitors!

Edwards also encouraged the co-operation between spiritual healing and traditional medicine with the result that it is used today in many Hospitals and Hospices.

A friend of mine relays a true story about Harry:

“My mother’s sister lived with her husband (and his parents) in a large house in Balham.  When my uncle was 12yrs old he was hospitalised in isolation very ill with TB.  At the time his mother used to attend the Balham Spiritualist Church and, at a meeting Harry Edwards did an evening of psychometry.  Apparently, on arriving everyone was issued with an envelope and, was asked to place a personal item inside, this was then to be sealed (unmarked) and, placed on a large tray.  During the demo Harry Edwards picked an envelope at random and proceeded to give out the “information” received – my uncle’s mother was one of Harry’s contact envelopes………..he promptly confirmed that my uncle was extremely ill (although did not confirm that it was TB).  Harry Edwards “knowing” that the condition was severe (life threatening by now) he asked my uncle’s mother to remain after the service as he wanted to give her more “instructions”………Basically, Harry Edwards wanted to visit my uncle in hospital personally, of which he did, on meeting,  Harry did some hands on healing plus handed my uncle a black/white photograph of Harry (himself, of which is still in existence today) and, requested my uncle to concentrate on this photograph at  3 specific times of the day for 10 minutes only.  For a whole week Harry continued to visit for healing and, my uncle plus his mother continued to “tune” in at times stated.  Within 2 wks my uncle was completely cured/healed of any traces of TB.  His lung x-rays etc. showed no sign of any damages tissue etc.  As you can imagine the Doctors were completely baffled by this full recovery.  Bearing in mind that all those years ago TB/Polio etc. was very common and, many deaths occurred it seems as though my uncle was one of the lucky one’s………his condition was way past any known medical cure by the time Harry Edwards stepped in.  I did not know of this story until many years later when I was 17 I had my first “meeting” with a very well known medium called Ivy Scott (lived in Streatham) and, from that day onward the Spiritualist movement became my “extended family/tribe.  On a visit to my aunt’s/uncle several weeks later I, through the excitement of this “new” experience started to relay this to my uncle……..strangely enough his response was rude and, abrupt which I might add took me by complete surprise.  Hence, I decided not to continue any more info.  My aunt then hurriedly removed me from the room and, explained the story above.  Apparently, ever since the “event” of his illness for some unknown reason he would not have his mother (or other members of the family) mention spiritualism, or Harry Edwards discussed within the house, he even went to the extreme of having all bibles removed from the premises!  To this day no one found out the cause of my uncles reaction but upon reflection looking back all those years ago many people who “dabbled” were frowned upon – hence it is probable that my uncle did not speak of the healing in case of ridicule etc. after all he was only 12yrs old.

My mother now has the photograph in question.

During the many years that followed I had no idea that the Healing Sanctuary was in existence – I stumbled upon this when I started to attend (mid 70’s) a spiritualist church in Horley (Surrey), of which I eventually became the medium secretary.  This church used to organise a yearly summer coach trip to this beautiful place.  I have several books written/personally signed by Harry Edwards plus other books written/personally signed by Ray & Joan Branch who helped run and, eventually took over the upkeep of the Sanctuary when Harry passed.
Harrys legacy was The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary ( which carries on his work to this day. Offering Healing, contact and distance, healing courses and a range of events throughout the year.

Another famous healer was Edward Cayce, born in 1877 Cayce was reportedly injured by a blow to the head aged 16 why playing baseball at school. He returned home in a dazed condition and went to bed where he suddenly and authoritly told his mother to apply a specific type of poultice to the wound. The next morning Cayce had no memory of the events after being struck by the baseball, and could not explain why he had ordered the poultice.

Cayce was working as a salesman for an insurance company when he contacted laryngitis; he was unable to work because of this and in sheer desperation turned to a Hypnotist for help. It was whilst in deep trance that Cayce was able to describe the conditions of his ailment, and was also able to describe a cure which involved increased circulation to the muscles and nerves. His upper chest and throat became fiery red and Cayce instructed the hypnotist to order his circulation to return to normal, when he came out of trance his voice was completely cured.

I have considerable experience of Hypnosis myself both as a patient and a therapist, I hold a senior qualification in Hypnotherapy practice and for a period of time ran a successful private clinic in London’s prestigious Harley Street.  I know that the mind has a tremendous power and I don’t doubt that under Hypnosis Cayce cured himself, once his rational mind had been bypassed by the hypnotist and his subconscious was instructed to order his circulation to return to normal it did!

But what of spiritual healing?

Cayce I believe used Hypnosis of which I have considerable expertise and would often put himself into a self-induced trance state after which the patient’s condition would be described to him. A diagnosis would then follow using medical terminology allegedly of which he had no knowledge. Without any medical training whatsoever Cayce went on to perfect this “Intuitive” healing ability to help others, though he claimed not to heal, but to diagnose and then recommend a course of treatment. How did Cayce do this? Did he manage in trance to access a higher state of awareness, a state that provided him access to previously unknown medical knowledge? We will never know for sure but he continued with his trance healing work during which he saw the human body as a system, an interconnected network of nerves, organs, muscles and tissue, and if one part malfunctioned it would affect the rest. In essence Cayce would treat the cause not the effect although I believe suggestion played an important role in his treatment and cures.

It was alleged that Cayce did not even need to see his patients as he could discern their condition from a distance.  He had many hundreds of confirmed readings over his 40 years of practice, and accepted no fees to avoid prosecution. Because he took no payment for his services he struggled to make a living so took a job as a photographer’s assistant, but still struggled to make ends meet.

Famous modern day healers include Matthew Manning (UK) and Barbara Brennan (USA). Manning first hit the headlines in 1974 when he published a book called “The Link”. It was published in 16 languages and sold over a million copies. It described the remarkable poltergeist activity that Manning had experienced as a teenager and started when he was just eleven years old. He had a series of remarkable and possibly frightening experiences including being twice suspended from boarding school and being sent to a psychiatric unit for evaluation.

He discovered that he could control the physical phenomena around him by producing incredible drawings by automatic writing. He focused on the name of an artist and was able to produce drawings in the style of the artist that even fooled art critics.

Matthew was extensively tested by some of the world’s leading scientists including Nobel Prize winning physicist, prof Brian Josephson. During these tests it was discovered that Manning was producing a brain wave pattern not reported previously in anyone else; further tests showed that it was originating from a part of the brain which we all possess but was believed at that time to have been dormant or inactive.

It was the oldest, most primitive part of the brain, leading the researches to conclude that Mathew’s special gifts were something which we all at some time used but with the advent of technology were lost. As we approach 2012 it is apparent that a worldwide shift in consciousness is happening, perhaps during this time and beyond many more will have these dormant centres activated leading to incredible discoveries to the true power of the mind.

On Matthews site it says, and I quote:

“Matthew also demonstrated a quite remarkable ability to influence cancer cells in plastic containers during his tests in Texas. Dr. John Kmetz, one of the scientists involved, commented: “The cancer cells were actually being killed by Matthew. In at least 60 per cent of the results were quite significant. when an individual who was not a healer tried to do the same thing, nothing happened. He has lectured and demonstrated all over the world, from Britain to Brazil, from Australia and Hong Kong to America.”

I think this is quite remarkable and I am surprised that it has not attracted more attention today.

Natalya Nikolayevna Demkina  is a young woman from Russia who claims to possess an amazing ability to diagnose illness just by looking at the person. Since the age of ten she has performed readings in Russia. In 2004 she appeared on British TV in a documentary called “The Girl with the X-Ray Eyes”

According to her mother Natalya was a very fast learner at school but otherwise a normal child in all other aspects until she reached the age of ten when her special abilities began to manifest.
“I was at home with my mother and suddenly I had a vision. I could see inside my mother’s body and I started telling her about the organs I could see. Now, I have to switch from my regular vision to what I call medical vision. For a fraction of a second, I see a colourful picture inside the person and then I start to analyse it.” says Demkina

Her story was picked up by the press in 2003 and a local TV station followed suite in November that year. That lead to interest from a British tabloid newspaper (The Sun) which arranged for her to give demonstration in London, as well as further interest from New York and Japan.

In 2004 she came to the UK at the invitation of The Sun and gave demonstrations and her diagnoses were then compared to medical diagnosis. Initially her demonstrations were well received but then after she had left the UK it emerged that some of her diagnosis had errors. In one incident which I remember watching on TV she told TC Dr Chris Steele that he had a number of medical conditions including kidney Stones and an ailment of the Gall bladder and an enlarged liver and gall bladder. Later medical examination showed he was in perfect health!

In May 2004 she went to New York and was tested by sceptical researchers from the Committee of Sceptical Enquiry under partially controlled conditions. At the demonstration she was shown given diagnosis to a several people, most of those that had the readings felt that Deminka had correctly identified their conditions. The researches (sceptics) however were not impressed (are they ever?) CSI researcher Dr Richard Wiseman an ex professional magician (as I am myself) and Professor of the Public understanding of Psychology at University College, London said, “”When I saw her do her usual readings, I couldn’t believe the discrepancy between what I was hearing and how impressed the individuals were… I thought they were going to walk away saying it was embarrassing, but time and again, they said it was amazing. Before each reading, I asked the people what was the main medical problem and Natasha never got one of those right.”

Wiseman went on to compare the people’s belief in Demkinas diagnosis with that of the belief in fortune tellers. After completing the experiments in New York Demkionas complained that she was not happy with the conditions in which the tests were held. She argued that she needed more time to see a metal plate in one subject’s skull, that surgical scars interfered with her ability to see the oesophagus in another, and that she had been presented with two patients that had undergone abdominal procedures, but that she had only one abdominal condition on her list of diagnosis leaving her confused.

In response to these complaints, the research team stated that Demkinas should have been able to find the plate without extra sensory abilities because its outline could be seen beneath the subjects scalp!

They also questioned why the scar tissue in a patient’s throat had not alerted her to having a condition of the oesophagus. Interestingly Brian Josephen a Nobel Prize winning physicist criticised the test and evaluation method used by Ray Hyman and the researchers motives, with the accusation that the experiment had the appearance of being “some type of plot to discredit the teenage claimed psychic”

According to accounts on her personal website, after her experiences in London and New York ,Deminika set several conditions to the test including that the patients bring with them a medical certificate stating their health status , that the diagnosis be restricted to a single, specific part of the body which she was to be informed of in advance. Her site claims that she was able to see that one patient had a prosthetic knee and another had asymmetrically placed internal organs.

Barbara Brennan is an American author and spiritual healer that specialises in energy healing. Brennan has a Bachelor of Science degree awarded in 1962 from the University of Winconsin and two years later received masters in Atmospheric Physics. She worked briefly as a research scientist for NASA and in 1970 she researched and began work with the human energy field. She was strongly influenced in her  healing work by John and Eva Pierrakos, who founded a self-transformation called “The Pathwork”, drawing on the ideas of Wilheim Reich who said he discovered  a primordial cosmic energy that others call “God” but he named “Orgone Energy”  He built orgone energy accumulators that his patients sat in to harness the reputed health benefits .

Brennan developed her own private healing practice and then established a training program to teach others how to heal using energy.  Her first book “Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing through the Human Energy Field” sold over one million copies and is in print in 22 languages. Her books explain how humans have energy fields and auras and how the energy fields interact with each other. She popularized the theory of a seven layer energy field, each layer being structured of different frequencies and performing different functions. Brennan views the Chakras (featured in Eastern philosophy as invisible spinning energy centres in the human body) as transformers that receive and process the universal energy. Her unique contribution was to indicate two rows of Chakras , arranged in pairs located at the front and rear, the front ones being associated with feeling and the rear ones with Will, and the upper three intellect.

Brennan also claims to receive, as many healers do, intuitive messages when healing her clients, she also claims to see repetitive patterns in the energy consciousness of her clients. Her books draw on messages channelled from Heyoan who she claims is a spirit guide.

In 1982 she established The Barbara Brennan School Of Healing® which is now international and trains professional healers in South Florida, USA and Bad Ischl, Austria.  She also runs global events such as workshops and speaking engagements. She is perhaps the highest profile most well-known healer today.

My own journey into healing began when during a consultation with a client in Harley Street. I had an intuitive impression that she was suffering from lower back pain and problems with her kidneys. This information just came to me as a form of “Knowing” or “Intuition”, and I asked her permission to place my hands on her lower back. As I did this she remarked she could feel intense heat radiating from my hands and a tingling sensation.

Four weeks after this healing session she rang me up to say back pain she had for years had stopped completely! She had been visiting doctors for a number of years and tried acupuncture and other alternative therapies but nothing had worked until, I carried out the energy healing.

I now carry out hands on and absent healing for clients worldwide at my home in Faversham, Kent.

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