Psychic News Truth Campaign Update

//Psychic News Truth Campaign Update

Psychic News Truth Campaign Update

Psychic News Truth Campaign

In 2017 approx Psychic News (PN) announced the Psychic News Truth Campaign to stop fraud in Physical Mediumship (PM) there was much hoo ha following the secret recording of Gary Mannion at Banyan retreat following which there were accusations, denials, slander and hostility to anyone that questioned PM in general, myself included. PN together with the AFC  (Arthur Findlay College) put protocols in place to ensure all public displays of PM were videoed with suitable equipment either infrared or thermal imaging cameras. At the time as a professional photographer I said infrared and thermal cameras were not necessary as digital technology could now photograph in blackout conditions and offered to provide the equipment, hence Physical Mediums could not use the excuse of IR causing them injury. I looked up the original PN post today (screenshots enclosed) And its quite telling.

In 2015 one medium was tested by the AFC and the results were negative and not published – Why not I ask?
Psychic News Said; 
“Scott Milligan is experimenting with such equipment under spirit instruction at his home circle of which Nic Whitham and Steven Siu Banyan retreat co-owners are members”
I would ask “where are the videos?” Two years later as far as I am aware no public videos of either Scott Milligan or other PMs have surfaced, if not why not? If The results were negative lets see the evidence, if the results were positive lets see the evidence.
Banyan also said in the article :
” In order to protect and ensure the legitimacy of our physical mediums in the modern world it has become necessary for us to ask them to work whilst we film them with a thermal imaging camera”

Since a long time has passed and there must have been quite a few displays of PM at Banyan by Scott Milligan and others where on earth is the video evidence? I am not singling out Scott Milligan or Banyan as this applies to all current PMs and and displays of PMs at centres, I am highlighting the aforementioned as they were in the original PN article. The time has come to stop hiding in the dark and put a stop to this once and for all, my offer to provide High Res low lux digital equipment still stands for any PM that is willing to be tested and proved one way or the other!
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