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Psychic Readings

What are “Psychic Readings?”

The term Psychic is often misunderstood and conjures up images of some weird or wacky person wearing outlandish clothes, very theatrical in their manner sprouting pseudo scientific garbage.

Modern day Psychics are in most cases quite normal people that lead relatively normal lives like you and me. Unfortunately due in the main to the media in both TV & Film Psychics have a bad deal, they are rubbished, ridiculed and insulted almost on a daily basis .

The public perception of the word “Psychic” is coloured by what they believe in the papers to be fact which in most cases is made up to sell papers.

Our curiosity regarding the unknown future prompts us to seek answers. Did you know that Psychic Readings are sought after not only by “normal” people but also by famous people like presidents and politicians? Ask any Psychic reader and you will know how business men and women and even CEOs of large companies come to seek help from psychic mediums to guide them regarding important business and corporate decisions.

Did you know the Dali Lama (and other world leaders) consult Psychics on important decisions? But, they dont label them Psychics!

They come under various other names such as State Oracle in the case of the Dali Lama, Prophets, Seers, Visionaries,  & Intuitive Consultants.

Dr John Dee the famous astrologer, mathmatician and occultist was the advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. Princess Diana famously consulted a Psychic and the Queen Mother had regular visits from Psychic Medium Lillian Bailey.  Nostradamus was one of the most famous Psychics in history as was Edgar Cayce , both made many predictions that have since come to pass.

The term PSYCHIC comes from the Greek word psychikos, meaning of the mind.

Kings & Queens throughout history have consulted Psychics, Seers, Prophets & Astrologers when they have had to make important decisions or sought answers. In Greek mythology, Paris was a handsome young prince who eloped with the most beautiful woman in the world and caused the Trojan War*. The son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy*, Paris seemed destined for disaster from birth. Shortly before he was born, his mother dreamed that she gave birth to a flaming torch that destroyed Troy. Priam consulted a seer, who warned the king that the dream foretold disaster for the city. He advised Priam to have the baby killed.

US Presidents have consulted Psychics & Astrologers here is a list of US Presidents known through historical records to have had Psychic Readings:

  • Abraham Lincoln,
  • James Garfield,
  • William McKinley,
  • Teddy Roosevelt,
  • Woodrow Wilson,
  • Warren G. Harding,
  • Calvin Coolidge,
  • Herbert Hoover,
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt,
  • Harry Truman,
  • John F. Kennedy,
  • Lyndon Johnson,
  • Richard Nixon,
  • Ronald Reagan,
  • Bill Clinton.

Did you read the recent Fortune magazine article about top business executives who use psychics to improve their insights and leadership abilities?

All of these people have at one stage or another felt the need to connect to a different type of energy to gain new insights about themselves;  to satisfy their need for happiness, fulfillment and success. Consulting a Psychic for a Psychic reading can provide clarity, insight and understanding

Aren’t we all looking for the same?