Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing  is a PSI ability commonly linked to ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) to sense impressions about a person or place unknown to the Remote Viewer.

Physicists Russell Targ and Harold Puthoffparapsychology researchers at Stanford Research Institute (SRI), are generally credited with coining the term “remote viewing” to distinguish it from the closely related concept of clairvoyance, although according to Targ, the term was first suggested by Ingo Swann in December 1971 during an experiment at the American Society for Psychical Research in New York City.

Remote viewing was popularized in the 1990s upon the declassification of certain documents related to the Stargate Project, a $20 million research program that had started in 1975 and was sponsored by the U.S. government, in an attempt to determine any potential military application of psychic phenomena. The program was “Officially”terminated in 1995 after it allegedly failed to produce any actionable intelligence information. However recent recent FOI (freedom of information requests) suggest that the UK,(UK’s Ministry of Defence. 23 February 2007 [June 2002, disclosed in 2007]. p. 94 (page 50 in second pdf). Archived from the original on 26 October 2012.) Russia and the USA invested, and continue to investigate several milllion dollars in RV research and Psychic Warfare programs, albeit these are classified and go underground with “Black Budget” funding.

This is a declassified document with a suggested Remote Viewing training procedure

Remote Viewing has nothing to do with Spirits, Spiritualism or Mediums but is a Psychic ability that works through the brain/3rd eye pinneal gland. It is more developed in some Remote Viewers than others but can be trained.

I have performed Remote Viewing in a public and private capacity for various individuals and corporations, I did two recent Remote Views of Area 51 in the USA and Antartica. The YouTube videos are here

Published on 13 Jan 2018
Remote Viewing Antarctica 2018 By Ian Broadmore
This is the result of two Remote Viewing Sessions of Antarctica the first was on 11th January 2018, the second 13th January 2018
#2050 Significant Date
#USA, Russia, China, UK There Now
#Piri Reis Map
#3 Pyramids Similiar To #Giza
#19.5 Degrees
#Large Dome
#Triangulation With Other World Sites
#North Korean Smokescreen To Divert Attention
#Geo-Magnetic Disturbance
#Vatican Disclosure/Internal Conflict Between Pope/Cardinals
#Pole Shift On Cyclic Basis
A Recent Comment “Interesting to hear about your viewing. Thank you. The dome shaped structure has also been viewed by Brett Stuart of Technical Institution, recently posted on 28 March. He saw two domes though.”
I also have it confirmed from a separate source in the UK that there is a UFO Base here that has an entrance under the ice in the sea that she remote viewed over 20 years ago.
Published on 20 Jan 2018
Remote Viewing Area 51 By Ian Broadmore. This is the result of two Remote Viewing Sessions of Area 51, Nevada. The first was on the 16th January 2018, the second on the 20th January 2018. (apologies for poor video quality towards end)
CONTENTS: #37 Levels Underground Facility
#15th Level Cryo Lab
#Space Command
#George Bush JNr
#Dick Cheeney
#Deep Freeze Facility
#Underground Roads
#Pulse Motor- Electro Magnetic
#Stargate Program
#Fusion Generator/Portal
#Rail Gun – Pulsed Energy Weapon Uses Gas/Technology
#Space War
#Cloaking Technology – Magnesium alloys, black, ceramic micro particles adaptive to environment, small beads, highly toxic manufacture
#Mile Long Testing Tunnel – Laser/Beam
#Strong Links to HAARP
#Lookingglass – A way to look into the past/future
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