“I had a reading last week with Ian and it was so accurate I am pretty shocked. I have been involved in psychic development myself over the past few years and have had a few readings, none of which have been so accurate. obviously I cant say if his guidance for the future will occur.. but the past and present were SPOT ON (he knew absolutely nothing about me and he encourages that you don’t give him any information about yourself) he gave me a couple of suggestions regarding things he felt I should be incorporating into my future work, and when I researched these things they rang so true. i would highly recommend having a reading for anyone who is interested in understand their present circumstances a bit more, and who wants to identify the areas they should focus on, what steps to take now etc… very very good indeed!

I recently had a reading with Ian and was very impressed by his manner and professionalism. He clearly explained the process and was calm and clear throughout the reading. He gave me a lot of information – I could immediately relate to an awful lot of the information and some I verified with my family afterwards. It was a very accurate reading which provided me with significant evidence of relatives who had passed. I would therefore highly recommend Ian to anyone for a reading
Good Morning Ian ..thank you so much for your amazing insight and wonderful reading you did for me yesterday ..There is no way you could have known about my illness we have never spoke about it …your links with my nan and uncle were spot on ..it was lovely to hear from them both thank you …i was so pleased and happy and felt very peaceful after speaking with you on here ..even my two children put a tear to my eye you were so kind and respect with me when they both linked with you as well .thank you for making my day so bright and full of joy …again ..also the wonderful healing you have been sending me and completely lifted the pain from my foot ..i am now able to walk today …pain free ..you have such a wonderful gift ..may you continual to bring such happiness and joy to peoples minds hearts and spirits ….thank you once again
Just like reading me in a book… My recent past very much so… You picked up on the womanly intuition that has come out of a period of sadness and loneliness. You also mentioned my dad so true, still very dominant in my life even though he’s not here physically
OMG! How did you know that?
after my reading, I felt at peace within my self that I haven’t felt for a very long time, thank you, kind regards
Carry on as you are going – you are pretty amazing!
Dear Ian,Thank you so much for the reading. It has helped me to get things clearer in my head and I will now try to follow my heart, just stand back and try to stop resisting change
“Thank you sooooo much for the reading Ian, it was so very very enlightening and spot on ! Really wonderful”
Ian has an incredible gift, I was doubtful at first but as soon as I spoke to him on the phone he mentioned my illness – he had no knowledge of me beforehand! I was flabbergasted as he described in detail the health issues I had been struggling with, I felt at peace just talking to him – amazing guy”
I really enjoyed my time with Ian and now, weeks after the reading, I am still very grateful for Ian’s work and the possibility to spent time with him.
Ian’s authentic, empathic and friendly way to do the reading created the perfect atmosphere. Due to Ian’s work I feel a new and stronger inner strength established. I feel healed in a very special way and it opened my heart and my eyes at once. After the “healing reading” it was possible for me to solve important challenges I had to overcome.
Thank you so much, Ian! Hope to meet you again, Dirk from Germany

Hi, this is bit awkward as I usually don’t write to owners of blogs I read, but I wanted to personally thank you. Your blog changed my life.

Before reading it there was lots of negativity in my life, which manifested as depression, suicidal thoughts, lack of luck… I also didn’t believed in psychics, God, or anything supernatural, but something about your writing style was so sincere it made me question my beliefs.

After some time I visited local psychic. Which lead me to accept that there is more to this life than what eyes see.

I cannot express in words how grateful I am and how you changed my life. Hope you keep helping people for many years. 🙂

God Bless You

Amanda, Your Content Goes Here

I was slightly nervous before going to see Ian, but he put me at ease very quickly. He picked up on so many things which are very relevant in my life at the moment, which i thought was amazing.  Ian is warm, friendly and funny…I will definitely see him again!


Hi Ian, I really appreciated the psychic and healing session yesterday. I waited till today to reply as I didn’t put ointment in last night and wanted to see if I could get through the night. I was a bit worried if my eyes would be stuck together this morning with no moisture. I really want to believe the healing will help me and I can honestly say I really do feel a difference today. It’s unreal. You truly do have a gift I have no doubt about that and I really appreciate it.

I’m just grateful and I just can’t believe how much different I feel today. It’s crazy but good..very good! Forever grateful. Val


I have just had a distant healing session with Ian, a few days ago. Ian is a wonderful healer. He has helped me in many ways already and I cannot foresee the ways in which this session will continue to have a positive effect on me. We spend money for so many things (a dinner in a restaurant, a new gift) but somehow we are reluctant to spend money on something which can help our well being. I suggest you to be realistic on your expectations about a healing session but also open to miracles. My advice is to try Ian services. Thanks you Ian for your help, I will use your healing sessions again.

S.C Italy


I saw Ian for the second time recently. Amazing, accurate reading which helped with my present lack of guidance .

Will make another visit I am sure.

Thank you Ian


I would like to say that Ian’s reading for me was quite shocking. At first the images were slow to come through. They then began to flow fast and furious. I struggled to keep up at one point. For example he said that a single tree, a special tree was important to me. I could not think! Then I did. My home. The home my children were raised in was Ash House! Because a very ancient ash tree was in its grounds. And so the reading progressed. The detail was shocking. I had to think a lot after leaving to get it all. A great experience. I will return.