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Self Healing

Self Healing

Romolo Mantovani in his book The Art of Self-Healing says this about Disease;

“We have seen that man is only a living cell more or less conscious of its unity with infinite, self-created and almighty universal life and that this life is based on equilibrium, for in order to create and to recreate itself, equilibrium is indispensable to it. Any lack of equilibrium is a gap in evolution and proves our estrangement from the laws of universal life. We now understand easily that man is a vital centre which is an integral part of the universe of life; he is subject to the same laws of equilibrium. He is a centre of attraction, assimilation and exteriorisation of life on all planes. When there is a lack of equilibrium in ones functions one finds an obstacle to the natural flow of life; it is what is called suffering, illness, pain. Disease is therefore only an imbalance which may manifest itself on the spiritual as well as on the mental, emotional or physical plane; but whatever the plane where it manifests itself, this lack of equilibrium will also affect the other planes for, we repeat, everything is connected in life. 

He who is aware of the divine within and who lives according to that awareness will never stray, on any plane, from vital and spiritual laws; he will follow them and will find integral happiness; he will be in the harmony of life, he will remain in the life-equilibrium and will be able to create and to re-create himself constantly. But he who does not know how to live integrally on all the planes of that spiritual consciousness, if he violates the laws of life through ignorance or bad habit, will create a lack of equilibrium; accordingly, a slowing down of his evolution occurs and consequently, of general evolution Even if this slowing down happens on a single one of these planes (physical, moral, or spiritual), if the cause persists, this lack of equilibrium will also affect the other planes for there is an interdependence between them and everything is connected in life. What is disease from the physiological standpoint? A lack of equilibrium due to an error or to a violation of the natural laws of life. This error will often have a spiritual or moral origin but the lack of equilibrium will finally spread gradually to all planes. We have said that matter is formed by spirit; it is therefore easy to understand that every physical illness has a spiritual cause and that consciousness and matter influence each other reciprocally. 

It is evident that the spiritual has an importance far superior to the moral and to the physical and that the man who is conscious of his spirituality will master the moral and the physical completely. But, as today’s humanity is fundamentally materialistic, it is unfortunately the opposite that happens.” 


The Art of Self Healing

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