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“When the pupil is ready the teacher will appear” is often quoted in spiritual literature and mysticism. I can vouch from personal experience that it is true and teachers appear when we most need them, both on a physical and Spiritual level. The spiritual seeker faces a tough hazardous path on his or her journey and many obstacles are placed in the path of light to test you, as the saying goes “many are called few are chosen” But, don’t despair, don’t give up, the Dark Night of the Soul tests even the most dedicated and faithful seeker of truth and light, and you will suffer many dark nights on your journey. The path of the seeker is the path of the Mystic buy what is mysticism?

Mysticism is a universal experience. It has been practiced, in various ways, in all the major religions known to history. Mysticism can be defined as a way of life that flows from an individual’s direct experience of God, however conceived. A mystic is a person who has, to a greater or lesser degree, the experience of being one with the Divine. The life of such a person is not focused merely on religious practice or belief, but on what he or she regards as first-hand personal knowledge, the love of God, or the Divine Reality of God.” (source Barbara Dossey

I have walked this solitary path for 42 years now (I am 58) and through personal Gnosis I am aware of the pitfalls and dead ends that trap the true seeker of Light. I now pass on my knowledge gained through personal experience on many, many paths to the sincere seeker that cannot see the wood for the trees ans suffers the dark night. Through One2one personal mentoring by Skype and email I can help guide you through the maze of confusion depicted in the ancient labyrinths, revealing that which was hidden, by pointing you in a direction without telling you what to do or think. Contact me by email for further details.

May Light & Lover empower and protect you