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True Ghost Storys

True Ghost Storys

Ghosts, Spooks and things that go bump in the night, true story’s of the Paranormal & Occult

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Ian Broadmore is a world renowned Psychic Medium,and expert on the Occult. In this interesting book he details some of his experiences taken from his diary’s of real events of the Paranormal ,Supernatural and Occult . Read about an encounter with the Ghost of Aleister Crowley! combating a Satanic Group, Exorcisms, Hauntings, a Physical Séance in Brighton and Ghosts in Sussex!

Customer ***** Review:

Some books are like movies: Some rely on cheap tricks and jumps scares, others rely on good storytelling and are better for it. THis work of non-fiction, is the latter.

There are many “true ghost story” books out there, and believe me, I’ve read about 0.00001% of them, and that’s a good couple of hundred or so. However, they all seem to follow a simple formula that I like to call “lying”. Cliches pulled straight out of movies that they’re trying to pass off as their own experiences because they think we’re stupid. This book, however, isn’t like that. This is actually a very well orchestrated narrative that doesn’t pull you in, but merely invites you and treats you as an equal. There are no spectacular demons and ladies dressed in Victorian clothes walking across the ceiling whilst carrying their own severed heads under their arms like macabre laundry baskets, there’s no creaky floorboards and footsteps coming up the stairs, they are just candidly told life experiences to which the author cannot explain himself, which is where the phrase “Paranormal” comes from, which seems to have been lost in translation over the years.

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