Turning Cloudy Minds Into Clear Minds

“Our challenges are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”

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“I would like to thank you, for your time and energy. All of which will only help push me forward on the path I feel I was destined to travel”

“Ian is a naturally empathic and is highly competent and professional, I would highly recommend him”

“Clear, direct, friendly and proved to be accurate. I would recommend Ian, for example if you wanted to reflect on a past issue, achieve greater insight into a current issue and understand what courses of action may be open and beneficial to you.”

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Psychic Readings Kent – Life Changing Insights

Psychic Readings Kent with Ian Broadmore

“Consulting a Psychic for a reading  is about change, but its more than that its about being open to new ideas, new ways of thinking that may challenge your beliefs and assumptions. I have spent over forty five years giving Psychic readings to clients from all walks of life who seek answers to questions that are blocking them on their life’s journey’s in their business and personal lives”

Maybe you lack direction? or are indecisive? or you have important decisions in your life to make and cant see the wood for the trees? Maybe you are going through  changes in your Personal or Business life and need a little guidance? and objective help.

No BS, No Woo Woo, No New Age Nonsense – Just clear, direct intuitive advice from a leading Psychic Clairvoyant &  Tarot Consultant